Eco Releases App on Google Play for Android Users

After receiving overwhelming responses on the App store, Eco Consumer Services is proud to announce the release of the "Eco Opinions" app on Google play for android users.

Miami, FL, October 19, 2012 --( The eco app allows consumers to easily get in touch directly with the management of various establishments, from hotels, restaurants, museums and even electronic device manufacturers.

Using eco, consumers can just scan a QR code, tap on the phone and speak their feedback into the app. While users can also text their feedback, Eco claims accuracy levels of their voice transcriptions exceed 98%.

Customers that share their opinions about businesses’ services or products are rewarded for their feedback by the companies. E.g. feedback about a recent stay at a hotel may earn some guests a free breakfast or restaurant patrons a free desert, whatever the merchant chooses to reward with.

Eco, which launched its beta program in August this year, has 60 hotels and 30 restaurants participating in its beta program in the US, Canada and in Asia and is rapidly gaining popularity also in the conference and the product manufacturer sector. Besides offering consumers a free application to interact with merchants, the company offers a number of business applications to its merchants to enable them to enhance customer satisfaction and consolidate feedback also from internet rating sites, email and even from customer hot lines.

Said Ken Reimer, CEO of Eco Consumer Services: “ We are very excited about the android launch today. Eco is all about helping companies tailor their services to what really matters to customers. By launching the android app, we are empowering even more customers and are expanding the base of feedback dramatically for our merchants.”

Eco is available on Google play and on the App Store under "Eco Opinions."

About Eco: Eco Consumer services builds bridges between consumers and businesses by putting the customer’s voice straight through to the management of companies. The company, a technology leader in customer experience solutions, aims to make businesses understand their customers better by providing them with insights on what really matters to each individual customer.

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