Ares Promotes Mobile Manufacturing Execution System at Media Forum

Taipei, Taiwan, October 19, 2012 --( Ares International Corp. recently shared its achievements and experiences in mobile manufacturing application at a forum hosted by Taiwanese technology media DIGITIMES.

Ares displayed tablet applications including production manufacturing site information collection, quality management and report search. Featuring mobile manufacturing management functions, ciMes tablet applications support Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. Ares ciMes provides timely and accurate production data for production quality improvement. Additionally, high-level executives can virtually control production line status at any time with mobile phones or tablets, facilitating quick management decision and realizing true mobile auditing and management, thereby reducing manual input time.

In addition, Ares was invited to share its successful experiences, with MES R&D manager Bryan Huang introducing required mobile applications for various roles during factory manufacturing process. Huang also demonstrated best practices of Ares ciMes, indicating that Ares mobile applications solve on-site data collection issues with mobility, convenience and readiness. With connection to wireless barcode scanner and wireless communication equipment, ciMes realizes the true features of smart factory: transparent, digital and instant. Therefore, enterprises can maximize manufacturing and operational profits.

Ares ciMes introduction

ciMes is an application software based on Microsoft Visual Studio .Net. The application assists the enterprise in collecting and monitoring production data during the manufacturing process – from order placing, production inception, process control to product output. With ciMes, manufacturers can ensure their product quality, increase capacity, improve yields, meet delivery dates and better satisfy their clients since they can immediately stay controlled in the changing environment.

ciMes allows remote management of production line operations via Web and support multi-lingual versions and on-line conversion. Factories in Taiwan and China can connect to ciMes database via Internet and share procedure parameters, equipment utilization rate and status, personnel performance, order status and real-time production capacity. ciMes is centered on WIP (Work-In-Process) and automatically connects with each workstation. The system has a flexible production logic structure and can be easily integrated with ERP, HR, BPM and automation systems.

Ares has a professional MES consultant team that can assist the enterprise to inspect the real requirements of each production stage when evaluating MES. The company currently has hundreds of best practices in Taiwan and China, covering industries including semiconductor, optoelectronics, electronic assembly and machinery processing.

Ares Introduction

Ares International Corp. is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Established for over 30 years, Ares is a professional management information system software provider, with expertise in product R&D and system integration. Ares provides products and total solutions for e-enterprise, with service areas covering the financial, government and enterprise segments. Ares has outstanding project integration ability, quality guarantee ability, development and maintenance ability and the most complete professional consultancy team.
Ares International Corp.
Carrie Yu