Golden Arrow Uses Eco Friendly Material to Become More Earth Friendly Hotel

Golden Arrow is region's first hotel which was rated 3 leaves by Audubon International in their Green Leaf Eco-rating Program for Hotels, and they are constantly making efforts to become more earth friendly each year.

Lake Placid, NY, July 13, 2007 --( As the region's first hotel to be rated 3 leaves by Audubon International in their Green Leaf Eco-rating Program for Hotels, The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort strives to become more earth friendly each year & become a role model for future green hotels in the New York State lodging industry. Currently the following programs are in place in Golden arrow Lakeside Resort to make ecological responsibility second nature to their employees & bring environmental awareness to their guest.

Guest Rooms & Building Materials
As regular light bulbs burn out, Golden Arrow is replacing them with energy efficient compact florescent light bulbs. They also purchase carpets from companies that recycle old carpeting & are very conscious about the effect their industry is having on the planet. The A/C & Heating units in the guest rooms are extremely energy efficient models. On Allergen Free Floor, they chose Bamboo wood flooring because Bamboo is a renewable resource. The showers & toilets are low-flow & do not use as much water as standard ones.

Housekeeping & Back of the House
Golden Arrow uses earth friendly cleaning agents. All of their paper products (tissue, toilet paper, and office paper) are made from recycled content. They recycle as much as they can. Glass, cans, tin, paper etc. are all sorted & recycled. They also encourage guests to recycle by placing separate bags for all recyclables in each guest rooms as well as recycle bins near all of the vending machines.

The white sand beach behind the hotel is beautiful. It also helps keep Mirror Lake healthy. Made from crushed limestone, the sand helps counteract the effects of acid rain on the lake - a big problem here in the Adirondacks. Birdfeeders on the grounds help attract & maintain local bird population. In wintertime Golden Arrow uses sodium free, environmentally safe ice melter instead of salt on the driveways to keep the driveways free of ice.

“We encourage our guests to travel, but to travel lightly on the earth. To reward this kind of travel, we will give a "Thank you for Being Kind to the Earth" gift bag to anyone arriving at the Golden Arrow by foot, by bicycle, or by hybrid vehicle.” says Jenn Holderied of Golden Arrow. She also says, “Just show us your mode of transportation when you arrive and we will get your "Thank You Bag" ready for you.”

About Golden Arrow: Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is the first full service hotel in Lake Placid, New York, to have all non-smoking guest rooms. They offer a fine place to relax and enjoy lakeside sports while staying in deluxe accommodation. They are honored with the prestigious “Three Green Leaves Award” by the Audubon Society's Green Leaf Eco Rating Program for Hotels. It’s even known for its pet friendly lodging. Golden Arrow is the perfect place to plan a family vacation while being close to nature.

Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort
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