Leca Games Has Announced the Launch of Its First Gaming Title Pirate Physics Game

Burlington, MA, October 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Leca Games has announced the launch of its first gaming title, Pirate Physics Game, and has marked its entry into the gaming sector. The Canadian publisher has teamed up with game developers TechBLA to create a new product which appeals to all age groups. The concept of the physics game is simple, Pirate Physics Game tasks the user with making a pirate character reach the treasure box by tapping on the rows and columns of crates, planks and other obstacles which are introduced as the game progresses. Players must make sure that the pirate must not fall on the floor but roll and bounce through the wooden crates to reach the treasure. The publisher has developed the game for ios and android devices and is available on itunes, google play and the amazon app store.

The pirate physics game has more than 60 levels of challenge which tests the skill of the user. The challenges in the game scale up in a progressive manner without making the game overtly difficult or simple which makes the player lose interest. The game has an uncanny knack of keeping the player hooked to it because of its very easy controls. The developers have paid a lot of attention in the design of the game which shows in the brilliant graphics which have been added in the game and create a visually stunning experience.

Pirate Physics Game is an addictive experience not simply for the sake of game play but due to its overall design as well. The unique selling proposition of the physics games is its lovable character mate rollball which you instantly like. The app features vibrantly designed user interface, highlighted by its extremely responsive and straightforward game controls. Pirate Physics is one game that is sure to bring most any user the level of fun and engaging entertainment they crave.

Founded in Toronto, Canada, Leca Games is an innovative new mobile games publisher. The organization seeks to produce mobile applications that blend visual appeal with usability to provide an overall positive experience to their product’s users.
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