Just in Time for Halloween: Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication

Just when it was safe to go onto dating sites! Zombies, my friend, zombies are online.

Astoria, NY, October 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Comedy author Maura Stone strikes another one out of the ballpark. Known for her once-in-a-generation wit and great writing style, Ms. Stone wrote the only comedy advice books about online dating under the series, eDating Advice from the Bubbameistah. To commemorate Halloween, Ms. Stone published a Special Edition, Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication.

Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication is a parody of the first book of the dating series, Men, eDating and Mast*****ion, itself a parody of a best-selling dating book. These books help women discern the types of men who frequent dating sites. In the Special Edition, Ms. Stone kicks it up a notch or two and brings in the zombie element, targeted to the undead enthusiasts.

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Maura Stone