Erie Art Museum Opens "8"

Erie, PA, July 13, 2007 --( The Erie Art Museum opens “8”, a painter’s exhibition featuring work from Edinboro, Pa. painters John Bavaro, Geoffrey Beadle, Rachael J. Burke, Malcolm Christhilf, Steve Emmett, Ben Gibson, Terry McKelvey and Michelle Vitali on Friday, July 20. at the Erie Art Museum’s Main Gallery, 411 State Street.

About the Exhibit
The work of all eight is firmly rooted in tradition, as evidenced by their common affection for tradition, as evidenced by their common affection for traditional subject matter, especially the human figure and the still life. They are also united by the medium of oil painting and its long history, and by a common embrace of the discipline necessary to the craft.

These painters have other shared traits: they all teach at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and they all possess a passion for the act of seeing and the creation of images.

Taking a deep study in the tradition of painting as their starting point, eight different personalities, each with his or her own distinct style and artistic philosophy take flight.

Sponsored by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Eight Quotes

“ The real joy in this series has come more from catching these fish than painting them.”

“ I want to create a picture that cannot be taken with a camera; a picture that is wholly invented, yet seamless and real.”

“ I continue to be interested in mixing he sensuous fleshy nature of the human form with the formal sensuous nature of abstraction.”

“ It has become clear to me that truth and beauty are revealed to the artist not created by him, and through the act of painting my images celebrate this fact.”

“ Improvisation and accident can be as important as intention in the expression and character of the work.”

“ In the broadest sense, my work is about observation, illusion, magic and mystery…”

“ I use painting to examine things that scare me, or situations whose solution eludes me.”

“ My infatuation with staring at the material world has always been present and found early expression in drawing detailed, obsessive studies of things.”

About the Erie Art Museum
The Erie Art Museum anchors downtown Erie’s cultural and economic revitalization, occupying a group of restored mid-19th century commercial buildings, including an outstanding 1839 Greek Revival Bank. It maintains an ambitious program of 15 to 18 changing exhibitions annually, embracing a wide range of subjects, both historical and contemporary and including folk art, contemporary craft, multi-disciplinary installations, community-based work, as well at traditional media.

The Erie Art Museum also holds a collection of over 5,500 objects, which includes significant works in American ceramics, Tibetan painting, Indian bronzes, contemporary baskets, and a variety of other categories.

The Museum offers a wide range of education programs and artists’ services including interdisciplinary and interactive school tours and a wide variety of classes for the community. Performing arts are showcased in the 24-year-old Contemporary Music Series, which represents national and international performers of serious music with an emphasis on composer/performers, and a popular annual two-day Blues & Jazz festival.

The Erie Art Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is free for members, free on Wednesdays, $4 for adults, $3 for senior citizens and students and $2 for children under 12.

For additional information on the Erie Art Museum, visit online at or call (814) 459-5477, Tammy Roche,

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