Beintoo Partners with Brisk Mobile to Reward Users with Real World Offers and Virtual Currency

Beintoo platform is being integrated to Black Water - a Brisk Mobile game, to reward users with real world benefits and virtual currency.

Palo Alto, CA, October 20, 2012 --( Beintoo, the innovative company behind the leading loyalty and monetization platform for mobile games, apps, and websites, has announced its recent partnership with the Toronto based software studios, Brisk Mobile. The two companies have joined forces in the realization of the new Brisk game, Black Water, integrating it with Beintoo’s loyalty program which rewards users for their achievements and their engagement.

Brisk Mobile, created in 2008, has brought together a number of top wireless talents whose mobile experiences date back to the early 2000’s. The company, led by CEO Gary Toste, is a mobile development house that provides development services on smart phone and tablet platforms. Brisk Mobile also creates its own games and has developed more than 100 apps for leading brands around the world.

The idea for Black Water came out of the development of one of their early games, called Battle for Cydonia, applying its engine and shooting style to a wild-west shooter. Some of the comics and characters of this brand new game are clearly inspired by Clint Eastwood’s old spaghetti-western movies. Players will have to ride horses, guide stage coaches, track down runaway trains, and fend off waves of bandits through towns, deserts, and valleys in this epic wild west adventure full of mystery and more.

The integration of Beintoo allows to improve users’ experience by increasing their engagement through an effective reward layer. Brisk has acknowledged the benefits of adding rewards systems to their games after having implemented “Medieval” with Kiip. CEO Gary Toste, states the importance of this partnership by declaring that “More and more the trend is moving towards virtual currency. If your game doesn’t reward the user in some fashion it’s very difficult to be competitive and also keep them coming back. We like Beintoo’s approach to rewards as it provides developers a way to monetize.” The aspect of the creation of an abiding customers’ loyalty is also a fundamental reason for this partnership as Toste added: “ Often it might take several games for a user to acquire enough virtual currency for a promotion so this really caters to that reality and helps the developers support each other.”

Antonio Tomarchio, Chief Exectuvie Officer of Beintoo says to be “very satisfied about this partnership that will surely be very productive for both Brisk Mobile and Beintoo. This is a very strategic cooperation which allows to combine an amazing game designed to reach an incredible success through a fantastic way to transform the time spent in an app into real benefits resulting in high conversion rates and thus, very happy users. The fruition of the Beintoo reward layer is absolutely effortless since the integration has led to a single, unified platform, thus improving the users’ experience. This is why we believe that our alliance with Brisk Mobile will result in a strong, prodigious and long-lasting union.”

About Beintoo

Headquartered in Milan, New York and Palo Alto and with 200 million users all around the world, Beintoo is a true loyalty program with a full set of gamification tools - badges, missions, leaderboards, contests, etc., for mobile and web applications, games, and national brick-and-mortar or online retailers. Beintoo gives value to users’ engagement by distributing currency - Bedollars, which can be used for premium offers and real world benefits. Bedollars are meritocratic, global, and can be redeemed in the Bestore or in the online stores of Beintoo’s retail partners for thousands of appealing offers. In addition to this, Beintoo rewards its users for their engagement and achievements by letting them convert their Bedollars into real cash once they shop on our partner retailers’ websites.

Via Beintoo’s reward engine, mobile developers can attain deeper user engagement and monetize inside and outside their apps, as they get paid for every Bedollar redeemed by a user. Advertisers and retailers on the other hand, benefit from the most innovative way of engaging with their customers through our customized and defined loyalty programs, maximizing the efficiency of their ad campaigns to reach conversion rates that are high above average.

Due to its global presence, Beintoo is building a worldwide network of online and offline retailer partners and developers that will accept Bedollars and virtual credits as a method of payment. Our goal is to attain an innovative economy where users can earn real value and real benefits from virtual everyday fun, thus change the perception of shopping.
Sultana Shukurova