Offer of Redemption for Lance Armstrong

Although it condemns any kind of substance abuse, Stradalli Cycle is thinking ahead to a time when Lance Armstrong can be redeemed.

Pompano Beach, FL, October 21, 2012 --( Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon bicycle manufacturer, today has made an unprecedented move by offering Lance Armstrong the role of design and testing consultant for Stradalli's 2014 product line. Although Stradalli Cycle strongly condemns any use of banned substances and any form of cheating, the company believes that Armstrong’s years of professional cycling experience make him an ideal candidate for a consultancy and testing position.

Sport is all about second chances. After every defeat comes the possibility of another victory. Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor, the last fifteen years have been a second chance. Although it seems Lance has made some bad decisions, his experience and expertise as a cyclist cannot be denied.

Although this whole episode, and the implication of other team members including the team doctors and the manager, Johan Bruyneel, of Team Radio Shack, is very disturbing for the cycling community, there is always the hope of redemption. By offering Lance this new role, Stradalli wants to be part of the effort to help him make a new start, to rebuild his reputation and overcome his current problems. Anyone who has experienced adversity, problems, trials or tribulations will understand the need for hope and for change.

“The whole USADA doping controversy represented a sad day in the cycling world,” said Tom Steinbacher. “But everyone deserves a second chance. Lance Armstrong probably has more experience with racing bicycles and testing cycling equipment than anyone else in the world. As a consultant his expertise would be invaluable.”

Stradalli Cycle has made an official job offer to Lance Armstrong for an undisclosed amount. His response is not yet known.

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