Chiggers TV Launched Lane and Russell’s Kickstarter Campaign

Chiggers TV has finally launched its Kickstarter Campaign for its short film, The Everyday Adventures of Lane and Russell.

Somerset, KY, October 25, 2012 --( Chiggers Production along with Indiview Media has recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their short film, The Everyday Adventure of Lane and Russell. This film is about an unlikely pair and their unusual friendship.

Lane, a borderline sociopath, has comically abusive tendencies towards his best friend, Russell, a simpleton with a kind heart. “It’s an ‘odd couple’ thing but they’re linked in life; it’s kind of like Yin and Yang,” said Jason Stogsdill, the film’s director and the actor playing Lane in the movie. He noted that Christ Stephens, his roommate and friend, was a master of inventing funny characters in their college years together — Lane and Russell originated from an improvisational bit the two real-life friends did at a get-together one night, and they conceptualized the characters.

“People thought the characters were funny. We’d have people come up and ask us to do these characters ... Something came up in one of Chris’ (Stephens) classes where they were asked to do a film project. We got to talking and we thought of doing Lane and Russell. We weren’t sure what we had. That little film we threw together won ‘Best Narrative’ at the school’s festival and we got a standing ovation from the crowd. People loved it. Even back then, with this crude little film, we knew we were onto something,” Stogsdill explained.

From then on, they made it a mission to create and finish a bigger, better version of their film. Ideally, they want to create a film that they could show off in film festivals like Sundance, Tribeca or Slamdance. It has taken a long time, and it has become a labor of love. However, Stogsdill is determined to see it through to the end. They started shooting in 2008, but they were only able to finish 30 percent of the film. The whole film will be 30 minutes in length. This seems considerably short, but for indie filmmakers, this is already a costly undertaking.

In order to finish this light and quirky film, Stogsdill launched a Kickstarter campaign for “The Everyday Adventures of Lane and Russell”. Kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects. Interested parties can visit their campaign, check out their project and contribute to their cause. “With Kickstarter, I’ve taken all the footage we’ve shot so far. We have put together a trailer, so I can actually communicate with people to show it to them. We have a budget we’re trying to reach, but instead of getting it all from one place, like a single investor, you get smaller increment backing from the crowd,” said Stogsdill.

The minimum dollar amount needed to make the film is $14,500; that’s the basement-level goal from Kickstarter. With the success of this campaign, they will finally be able to accomplish their lifelong dream of creating a theatrical film about Lane and Russell.

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