American Peptide Symposium Poster Describes Synthesis of Hydrocarbon-Stapled Peptides

San Jose, CA, July 14, 2007 --( At the 2007 annual conference of the American Peptide Society, AnaSpec presented a technical poster that described the facile synthesis of a hydrocarbon-stapled peptide. Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-Fmoc-α-(2’-pentenyl)-alanine was successfully accomplished via an Ala-Ni (II)-BPB-complex [3] in three steps with a 40% total yield.

The modified hydrocarbon-stapled peptides are helical, relatively protease-resistant, and cell-permeable peptides that bind with increased affinity for its target, and may provide a useful strategy for experimental and therapeutic modulation of protein-protein interactions in many signaling pathways.

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