Collaborative Consumption Site for Boats Just Released New Pricing Tiers for High Volume Owners has released new pricing tiers for watercraft owners who experience a higher number of boat rentals each month.

Cedar Park, TX, October 26, 2012 --(, a collaborative consumption company for boats, has released new pricing tiers for owners who execute a higher number of transactions (boat rentals) each month. There are two new tiers in addition to the default. "Owners who experience a high number of rentals each month will benefit greatly with our new lower cost per transaction tiers," said Dustin Armstrong, Temptoy CEO. Owners and rental facilities with higher boat rental volume can use the new lower cost per transaction tiers as an economical way to update their rental operations with an online watercraft reservation system that is available to their customers 24/7. Once a watercraft is listed with Temptoy, the owner must notify Temptoy with a selected tier. Otherwise, the default tier will be used.

About Temptoy: Today much of the personal watercraft owned sits in a garage collecting dust. Owners continue to pay the note for their boats each month only using the asset a few times a year. Why not use the asset to make money and help subsidize some or all of the monthly payment for the boat?

Meanwhile, individuals are realizing that with the internet and social networks, they are able to use high dollar assets others have invested in versus having to spend the money to buy and maintain them on their own. provides a marketplace where these two individuals can interact and do business easily, securely and efficiently. Temptoy offers boat owners a free listing. With this free listing, these owners get a simple interface that includes a built-in reservation system, credit card processing, review system, a recommendation system, social networking integration and much more. Owners will have an added benefit of being able to screen the renter prior approving any rental using the built-in messaging system. Owners can set their own price, determine when and where their boats are rented and have the ultimate say so whether or not their boat gets rented to a prospective renter.

Temptoy offers prospective renters a searchable database of unique boats and access to the owners for questions through our messaging system. Rentals on will also be competitively priced.
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Dustin Armstrong