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Denver, CO, October 26, 2012 --( Reform Judaism has been tested by the spiritual torments and ideological upheavals of the last two centuries. Now, Reform Judaism for the Rest of Us brings into discussion key tenets and opinions that shape current thinking within the faith and introduces ideas for its future development. Author Alexander Maller believes that the core message of Reform Judaism, a modern faith inspired by the Jewish Heritage and the Jewish and American Enlightenment, is entering a new phase in its history.

Free from the defunct extremist ideologies of the last centuries, American Reform Judaism can expand its reach into the new millennium if it strengthens its grassroots appeal to be of, by, and for the Reform congregants. It must also have a strong Jewish Divine faith orientation, be open-minded to the realities of modern living, bear a deep love of Zion, and uphold a strong defense of the Constitution.

The arguments brought forth in this study stem from the Maller’s position as a lay congregant. They also arise from the fact that he is a participant in and observer of the continuous dialogue between rank and file congregants and clergy, as well as among congregations and various denominations of faith. Reform Judaism for the Rest of Us encourages congregants to adopt a sustainable, modern, deity-based orientation inspired by Jewish Heritage and the American spirit.

“The fold I discovered in America is Reform Judaism: an offspring of the Jewish Enlightenment, a faith that praises an open mind and an entrepreneurial and constructive approach to Judaism, recognizes the need to update religious practices, and promotes the separation between church and state,” says Maller.

Book Information:
Reform Judaism for the Rest of Us: Faith Versus Political Activism
Author: Alexander Maller
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-14759-35844(sc)
978-14759-35837 (hc)
Pages: 251
Published: August 2012

About The Author:
Alexander Maller, architect, teacher, and author, survived Romanian Communist oppression and grew up in Israel, sharing that nation's struggles and achievements. In the late 1980s, drawn to the American West, he served as a university professor in Montana and Nebraska. In the United States Maller discovered and joined Reform Judaism. Retired and living in Denver, Colorado he writes, paints and travels.

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Alexander Maller

Reform Judaism for the Rest of Us is available for purchase online through the author’s website, from the publisher,, and other online retailers. Bookstores should contact Ingram for wholesale orders. Reform Judaism is also available in ebook format.
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