Spotlight Productions, Erie Parties, Great Lakes Film Association and the Erie Art Museum Present: Eraserhead the Movie and Joseph Allen Popp’s Weirdo Theatre

Erie, PA, July 13, 2007 --( Spotlight Productions, Erie Parties, Great Lakes Film Association and the Erie Art Museum will present Eraserhead the Movie and Weirdo Theatre the Band on Friday July 13, at 7:30 p.m. in the Erie Art Museum Annex.

Eraserhead, created by film producer David Lynch, is a horror film that floats between fantasy and dream sequences. Set in semi vacant town taken over by heavily by industry, Henry Spencer believes that his life is over when he hasn’t heard from his girlfriend after he goes on vacation. On returning his girlfriend shows up at his apartment announcing that she is pregnant with his child. After giving birth to a hideously grotesque mutant baby she leaves Spencer to raise it alone in his freakish apartment complex. After several bizarre incidents and other abnormal dream cycles, Spencer’s ending result is far from what you would expect.

“Eraserhead takes a walk with your emotions, you don’t know whether to be disgusted or intrigued by it. It is the ultimate cult film…” IMDB

Lynch has described his film as a "dream of dark and troubling things."

"The characters and setting are unforgettable, and are as strange as they are familiar.” IMDB

“For Eraserhead is not simply a movie to view, but a true cinematic experience, like jumping into someone's nightmare and seeing it from their perspective. Whether you see it as a meditation on the terror of being a new parent, the suffocating feeling of living in an increasingly vapid, industrial wasteland, or a nightmare about the fear of loneliness, the film easily holds up to multiple viewings….Bizarre experiment? Surrealistic nightmare? Or a meaningless cult film? You be the judge.” Rob Bracco

Weirdo Theatre is a local rock and jazz-fusion band from Erie with its original roots starting at Forward Hall in 2000. The Weirdo Theatre originator and also Erie Art Museum’s Frame Shop master framer, Joseph Allen Popp, said his music has a "sound of dark and troubled monkeys." As an interdisciplinary performance troupe, they work in collaboration with some of the regions most highly recognized professional dancers, musicians, and actors to create a new blend of dramatic musical theatre that makes it way into the avant garde. Weirdo Theatre has collaborated with the likes of Shen and Bones Performance Group, Lee Bodine, Rebecca Styn, and Israel Stone. The members of Weirdo Theatre include Joseph Allen Popp on lead guitar and other various devices, Kenneth F. Cornelius on Fender bass, Robert E. Gray as lead vocalist and Theremin, and Richard J. Lopez on percussion.

They have just released their second CD “Our Feature Presentation” featuring all new original songs and will be available the night of the performance on either generic CD without a cover for $5, or a collector’s edition with full blown color cover and label featuring artwork created by Joseph Allen Popp for $10. Also gracing the stage with Weirdo Theatre are guest musicians Lou Nicolia on violin and James Pearson on cello.

“Lou and James are highly skilled musicians that share a penchant for the creative and experimental qualities which their fellow Weirdo’s hold so dear,” said Popp.

“Popp art—unique music and visual pieces which spring from a naturally playful and provocative mind.” Dave Richards

Doors open at 7:30 with the movie starting at 8 p.m. and the band following with a performance. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Erie Art Museum
Tammy Roche