SurgicEye GmbH Announces Its Cooperation with EUROMedical Instruments SARL for the Future Development of 3D Radio-Guided Surgery

Munich, Germany, November 05, 2012 --( Intraoperative 3-D imaging for Radio-guidance of Tumors and Sentinel Lymph Nodes.

SurgicEye®, the leading provider of intraoperative soft tissue imaging and navigation solutions, and Eurorad SA (France), is a high technology company specialized in R & D and production of mono and polycrystalline semiconductors for probe detectors and electronic modules, one of the main surgical gamma probe manufacturers announced their cooperation of common activities for 3D radio-guided surgery.

Euromedical Instruments SARL is the Worldwide Sales and Marketing division of Eurorad SA. With a single Readout Module and 13 gamma probe options, the Europrobe 3 is a unique system fulfilling all the needs of peri-operative and percutaneous detection within 7 major clinical fields. The clinical application includes: - Breast Cancer: Sentinel node biopsy, In-clinic lesions detection, (Radioguided occult lesion localization, Radioguided occult lesion localization plus sentinel node biopsy) – Gynaecology: Laparoscopic detection of sentinel node in cancer of the cervix and endometrium, Sentinel node detection of vulva cancer – Dermatology: Melanoma - Head & Neck: Oral cavity, Oropharynx (validation on process) – Endocrinology: Thyroid, Parathyroid - Nuclear Medicine: Percutaneous detection, Localization of gamma labeled areas – Urology: Penile cancer.

SurgicEye's declipseSPECT® provides intra-operative 3-D image visualization and navigation of Eurorad’s Europrobe 3 system during radio-guided surgery. The solution combines gamma probes with imaging and image viewing as a tool to resect radioactively labeled structures like primary breast tumors, metastases, and sentinel lymph nodes in a minimally invasive approach. This intra-operative imaging technology contributes to quality assurance and provides evidence for complete sentinel lymph node and tumor resection during the surgery.

"The declipseSPECT technology and its intraoperative use for navigated sentinel lymph node dissection will enable safer surgeries, and less invasive procedures. This can ensure a high quality outcome for every individual patient," said Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle, Director of the Women's Hospital at Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany. Prof. Kiechle and her leading breast surgeons, Dr. Stefan Paepke and Dr. Andreas Schnelzer, are the primary European investigators of declipseSPECT in breast cancer applications.

Mr. Philippe Leroy, Sales and Marketing Manager of Euromedical Instruments SARL said, "declipseSPECT, when combined with the Europrobe 3 is a valuable tool for 3D imaging before, during and after the operation and guidance for minimally invasive resections”. He notes that “the SurgicEye technology is a smart extension of our gamma probes in order to establish high quality patient treatment in surgical oncology.”

The founder and CEO of SurgicEye, Dr. Joerg Traub, is convinced that, "The cooperation between the two companies will provide high-quality products and services to the medical device market. The Europrobe 3 of Eurorad SA is a high quality and reliable gamma probe system for the detection of radio-pharmaceuticals, a fundamental component to providing confident image information for surgical guidance." The first installation of a declipseSPECT in combination with Europrobe 3 was performed in the Centre Antoine-Lacassagne CAL in Nice.

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SurgicEye offers solutions for intraoperative 3-D imaging and instrument navigation. The recent product declipseSPECT of SurgicEye implements the so-called freehand SPECT technology for detection, localization and guided biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer, melanoma and head & neck malignancies. Clinical investigations in other tumor surgery domains promise a wide application domain and huge potential for quality assurance during surgery. It enables surgical procedures to be more sensitive, more reliable and less invasive. For more information on SurgicEye, please visit
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