2012 Presidential Houseoff Election Update: Barack Obama's Chicago Home vs. Mitt Romney's New Hampshire Home

Early voting in the Presidential Houseoff swings to Mitt Romney's New Hampshire lake home.

Pompano Beach, FL, November 01, 2012 --( It has been a long campaign of political twists and turns, spin and accusations, and non-stop commercials. In an effort to bring a little bit of fun and relief to the American public, the people at decided to give everyone an early voting opportunity with their 2012 Presidential Houseoff.

According to Robert Walsh, project director at, "Both presidential candidates own a beautiful home – or in Mitt's case, a bunch of beautiful homes. Surely the candidate's choice of their personal home should be part of the election decision." So, they decided the heck with the issues and the craziness. They are letting voters decide the 2012 election based on their favorite home – Obama's Georgian revival home in Chicago purchased in 2005 for $1.65 million, or Romney's New Hampshire lake house bought in 1997 for $3 million. People can vote for their favorite home at

While early results favored President Obama with 56% of voters choosing his Chicago home, the momentum has swung in the last few weeks to Governor Romney who now commands 53% of the votes to Obama's 47%.

No ID Required to Vote

Walsh said, "The houseoff contest will help to bring some sanity to the final days of the election. Instead of constant worry and countless hours checking the most recent polls, people can now vote everyday for their favorite candidate's home and know instantaneously who is ahead in the election." Walsh claims that their survey techniques are scientifically refined and updated and promises that their website will have the results of the Obama/Romney race before FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS and everyone.

People can see and vote for the Obama or Romney home at: Walsh encourages everyone to vote early, vote often and tell their friends. is a different kind of real estate website that focuses on both home news and entertainment. They cover home and condo sales data and trends, but also celebrity homes, beach homes, ski homes, golf homes, spectacular homes and a weekly Top 10 Hot Homes list. Their features have been covered by Time, CNBC, AOL, Yahoo, CBS, USA Today and many other major media.
Robert Walsh