The Insight of a Thousand Seminars in One Book – Kristin Mackey, Professional Speaker Launches New Kmack® Seminar Book

Kristin Mackey, professional speaker and artist, announces the release of her new book You Can, You Will, You Did!; Micro Changes, Macro Transformation, a self-improvement book that helps readers move through life changes by managing their particles. Managing your particles is a unique way to relate to the world around you by enabling you to identify and apply clear language to the subtle dynamics creating your personal reality.

Miramar, FL, November 01, 2012 --( “For over twenty years my passion for personal development and creative expression led me to design and deliver workshops that successfully taught over 18,000 people how to take action and improve their lives,” said Kristin Mackey. “This book offers the insights and methodologies that delivered the best results.”

You Can, You Will, You Did!, which was also illustrated by the author, reflects the same delivery style used in hundreds of highly rated seminars and recreates the experience of attending those workshops. Kristin’s playful approach in this unique "SeminarBook" inspires readers to clarify, organize and shift their life toward their intentions to create their own unique blueprint for living.

You Can, You Will, You Did! - Available on Amazon

About the Author
With over 15 years as a successful professional speaker and instructor working with more than eighteen thousand people, and hundreds of organizations in over 400 cities, Kristin's teaching knowledge runs deep. Recognized by Training Magazine as “One to Watch” in 2010, and a highly-rated consultant for leadership company FranklinCovey, Kristin’s intuitive, playful style of delivery and easy-to-implement techniques consistently deliver results.

Kristin has helped many companies achieve organizational transformations through teaching programs that increase the effectiveness, engagement and performance of each individual. Her passion for helping people to heal, clarify and create lives they love is what makes her teaching style so universally and consistently effective.
Kristin Mackey