Voyager Publishes His Travel Journal That Includes a Twist Ending That Will Grip and Enlighten Explorers of All Ages

Traveling the world and logging his daily activities in a journal has been a way of life for lumberjack Jobe Leonard over the past decade. After compiling his work into a singular piece he has published a book entitled “Study Abroad: The book of Jobe.”

Dandridge, TN, November 05, 2012 --( The author’s states that his primary concern in creating this book was to share the wide world of travel with others and to reconnect with the many friends he met along the way. “Many friendships are quick and fleeting when your travel,” says Leonard. “If I am able to reconnect with just one person who recognizes an interaction, it will make this entire process worth while.”

Jobe also indicates that his research revealed very few books dedicated to the daily happenings of a first time world traveler. Not a single title provided the in depth view of daily life and what a long-term expedition to multiple countries entails. “Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe,” does.

“As I was reviewing the experiences I had recorded in my travel journals I identified many instances that could help others have the courage to explore and step outside their comfort zones,” says Leonard. "Then I chronologically organized my experiences in a way that shows substantial growth from a college senior leaving home to Study Abroad, into a experienced professional and world explorer. I also developed some rules to help rookie travelers or students get the most of their travels to other countries. I call it the Jobe method for beginning travelers."

The Jobe Method


Keep a log of your everyday experiences. The journal will supplement the memory and help one step back into past after reading just one sentence.

One bag:

Only bring one bag. Travelers will walk and get lost more than anticipated. One carry-on bag will get you in and out of the airport, trains, taxis, and buses with ease. Only bring one bag, period.


Befriend a local before leaving. Find someone in the area traveled before leaving. If nothing else they will be a great emergency contact. The best case scenario they will show their culture from their perspective, and one can gain knowledge not available on a tourist bus.


Expect the unexpected. The events that one thinks could never happen always do. There is no way to change this. The mishaps of travel are more enjoyable and memorable than the days where everything goes your way. If travel was easy, everyone would do it.

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“Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe” is targeted at beginner, intermediate, and expert travelers. The work included the daily experiences and tips to help others learn the best ways to navigate foreign countries. Anticipation builds quickly on the first day and the final week will leave most readers with a deeper sense of Jobe’s travel prowess.

This book is available in print at or on In the near future it will be made available as an E-book on Kindle and through I-Tunes for use on Apple devices. Book stores can order paperback editions through ISBN 978-0615664088
Jobe Leonard