Paws On Your Heart Announces Winner of 2012 Black Cat Contest

Saskatoon, Canada, November 04, 2012 --( A winner has been officially chosen and announced for the 2012 Black Cat Contest run by Saskatoon-based cat rescue group Paws On Your Heart. The group started the Halloween contest to raise awareness about black cats and to dispel the negative myths attached to them. They asked black cat owners to submit a photo and description of their cat, and selected a winner on November 1st.

First place went to Twitch, a rescued black cat with special needs. His owner Jackie describes how they met: "We never had a cat because of issues with relatives who are allergic to them. Then my ten-year-old son heard that his friend’s family was going to dump an unwanted litter of kittens at the pound. Among them was a tiny black kitten who’d been born with only two and a half paws. My son burst into tears. 'No one will adopt him with paws like that, and he’ll be put to sleep!' he cried. Those allergic relatives would just have to understand."

Congratulations to Jackie and her wonderful cat. Honourable mentions go to Olive Lemire and Tabitha, both lovely cats as well. To see the winning photo and runners-up, and to read more about Twitch, read the full post:
Paws On Your Heart
Niki Rebin