Start-Up Video Syndication Platform Spondo Webcasts First-Ever Head-to-Head Match Between Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

Company Platform Powers Web-Only PPV Live Stream of Historic Chinese Golf Event, Generating over 25,000 Requests in 103 Countries

Melbourne, Australia, November 04, 2012 --( Spondo, a premier online paid video syndication platform, today announced that its web-only broadcast of the one-day match between Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy at Lake Jin Sha International Golf Club in Beijing last Monday generated over 25,000 requests for the live stream. The webcast was streamed live via Spondo’s technology and distribution partners, including and all News Digital sites, where requests for the live stream came in from 103 countries.

“We were happy that Spondo could offer an outlet for American and international golf fans to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime one-on-one match between two of the very best in golf right now. Despite the late start time for the United States on a Sunday night [9:30pm PST, 12:30am EST], American viewers made up a significant portion of our audience,” said Spondo CEO Geoff Collinson. “As recent live streamed events like The Olympics and the Bill O’Reilly-Jon Stewart debate have demonstrated, this is where the future of live event viewing is moving, and Spondo will be very much a part of that future.”

Spondo is poised to attract a huge user base globally with a focus on helping anyone monetize video anywhere, anytime. The Spondo platform has all social sharing tools, a plug-and-play video player and a proprietary revenue distribution engine which creates a turn-key solution to make money from content. Spondo's platform is designed to create additional revenue opportunities for all broadcast parties, as well as empower a much larger audience to view the content online via affiliate networks and their communities.

”Pay-Per-View online is booming and our syndication model allows content owners to monetize audiences in a completely unique manner. Everyone is talking about monetizing content,” says Spondo CEO Geoff Collinson. “By allowing publishers to distribute directly to the people who have a vested interest in viewing, plus giving affiliates a way to generate funds, gets very exciting. This is especially true for bloggers who are searching for monetization beyond advertising,” said Collinson. “Spondo gives them their own, personal Pay-Per-View broadcast network.”

Spondo has already attracted great interest from leading international content publishers as a way to monetize their titles and libraries into vast networks and communities that patronise charities, small businesses, clubs and schools. The company has signed deals with major content publishers, including Village Roadshow, ViaVision and MadMen Entertainment to launch martial arts, children’s and other genres in the coming weeks.

About Spondo
Spondo is a world-leading technology company with proprietary content syndication and revenue distribution software that empowers publishers to monetize their content on any website, tablet PC or Smart device/TV via streaming Pay-Per-View, VOD and more. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Spondo seeks to connect content owners with affiliates and their communities through an innovative business model of revenue sharing, turn-key technology solutions and marketing tools that make it easy to make money from content worldwide. Spondo is owned by holding company RivusTV Limited which was founded in 2007. RivusTV launched earlier this year and has already signed several deals with international content publishers and has plans to expand into the US and globally in early 2013.

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