Website Development Company Offers New High Class Affordable Websites has released a new CMS that helps business owners easily maintain their websites content while not skimping an high quality web design.

Jersey City, NJ, November 06, 2012 --( Internet-based website developers at Opti Matrix offer small business owners a chance in the most affordable way to launch a custom website design. The website designs produced by Opti Matrix present the opportunity to attain a great-looking site with an easy-to-use content management tool for site maintenance.

Opti Matrix website developers expect that the services they offer will enhance the traffic to their clients’ websites. In addition to a great web design that attracts more business, the websites created by the team at Opti Matrix can be easily updated and maintained.

“I am incredibly pleased with my Opti matrix site!” said one client. “I’ve hired web firms in the past to create other websites but nothing compares to how easy Opti Matrix is to use. I love how simple it is to modify and add photos and other media.”

Opti Matrix is unique because of the way it develops websites. It offers each client talented, proven designers who will design a website at an extremely affordable cost. This special combination is a result of the company’s development process.

The team at Opti Matrix never uses web templates to make their develop. Each design is custom built for each client through OptiMatrix's development process. In keeping with the goal to create websites that accurately reflect the mission of the target company, the design team works with each client throughout the entire design process allowing revisions until the client is satisfied.

Opti Matrix's custom website designs are made to assist the client in being independent of the professional help of a programmer. Opti Matrix claims that if the user can use Microsoft Word, he should be able to customize the design Opti Matix provides. This customization includes adding and deleting pages, adding photos, videos, podcasts, maps and more.

Another key feature that Opti Matrix provides for its clients is marketing through website development company. Each website is designed to encourage interaction in hopes of helping each client grow his business.

The Opti Matirx team has been called energetic and professional. They profess a love of great design and an understanding of the needs of small businesses.

“They gave me the website of my dreams,” said another client. “My site shows the professional standing I want my company to represent.”

By providing their custom website design services at a reasonable price, the Opti Matrix team hopes to present small business owners with the same great quality that might be found at a prominent web firm. With this in mind, Opti Matrix guarantees a unique design that will please each client or 100% money back.

About Opti Matrix Solution

The Opti Matrix team has a 7+ year history building websites for small businesses as a team.

Opti Matrix was born out of a desire to provide a custom website solution that would fit the needs of the average small business that could not afford to purchase and support enterprise-level software and services. With that desire in mind, Opti Matrix offers three different pricing options each including a custom designed website.
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