London Multi Commodities Exchange Intensifies Security Measures Against Financial Fraud

In order to prevent risks from deceptive funds withdrawals, LMCEX, a premier international brokerage services firm is intensifying its security measures through identity seals particularly for clients with more than $100,000 in equity.

London, United Kingdom, November 06, 2012 --( London Multi Commodities Exchange, which has already kicked off in providing identity seals to qualified clients, has intensified its Security Trade-Seal Program to more clients. On the other hand, clients who fail to qualify for the identity seal are advised to limit their withdrawals to $50,000 per day.

“Our customers with more than $100,000 equity are offered free identity trade-seal. This seal has single-use password that will be needed in every cash withdrawal transaction,” said Mr. Marti Hallberg, Managing Director of London Multi Commodities Exchange.

London Multi Commodities Exchange’s identity trade-seal is a small device which can even be used as a keychain. This tiny device creates a new, single-use password for every transaction; this means that the password is only used once and therefore of no use when detected or hacked.

In the event the client’s name and account password is stolen, it would still be impossible to undertake withdrawals from funds of the client’s account because it always requires additional information from the client’s identity trade-seal. In addition, the seal is also provided with security feature which allows clients to lock the device utilizing customized PIN or personal identification number.
London Multi Commodities Exchange
Hector Millar