Religious Leaders Call for Immediate Withdrawal of "Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe"

After judging the book by its cover, several area leaders banded together to call for the instantaneous abandonment of "Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe." This shocking news coming less than 3 weeks before the book's much anticipated Black Friday release date.

Dandridge, TN, November 07, 2012 --( The author, Jobe Leonard, acknowledges that the title could sound blasphemous to a judgmental ear. "Job was a well respected individual that people of all religions could agree was a prophet," says Leonard. "The Jewish, Muslims, and Christians alike all would agree that he was a prophet, and they study Job's life in depth." This book, although not prophetic, is not meant to take away from the original "Book of Job," and one could find some subtle similarities if they gleaned the true meaning of the work.

Jobe also indicates that any religious leader who denounces this book has never taken the time to actually read his literature. There are many times in modern literature and journalism where literature can border on sacrilege. "Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe" is exactly the opposite.

"As the work comes together the reader can see many experiences during my time abroad where the presence of God is evident," says Jobe. "Although I am not perfect in any portion of the work, by the end my maturation is evident through unique personal growth, the people I meet, and the places I visit."

By taking what was learned overseas this book is able to present the reader with many opportunities to see the world's most religious places. As an example of where the book takes the reader, each of the following places can be seen through the writer's eyes all for fewer than fifteen dollars:

1. The Sistine Chapel
2. The Duomo Di Milano
3. The Vatican
4. The Cathedral d'Amiens
5. The Nethlerlands America War Cemetary

Additional information on these excursions is made available at

"Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe" is meant for both the spiritually weak and those who are much more pious. The work shows a 21-year-old American student who moves to an unknown world. He uses what skills he has to navigate the trials and tribulations of studying abroad. The culmination of Jobe's experiences is a twist ending that will leave even the most condemnatory religious leaders asking for forgiveness.

This book is available in print at or on . In the near future it will be made available as an E-book on Kindle and through I-Tunes for use on Apple devices. Book stores can order paperback editions through ISBN 978-0615664088
Jobe Leonard