New Equestrian Tool Removes Horse Droppings from the Trail Safely, Swiftly and Without Rider Dismount

Equestrian Impact on Trails Reduced, Horse and Rider Safety Maintained, Relationships with Other User Groups Improved and Trail Vistas Preserved.

Hoffman Estates, IL, November 07, 2012 --( Conflicts between various user groups arise as recreational trails become condensed into populated, multiple use trails. One conflict that sets equestrians apart from other user groups is the issue of what to do about horse droppings. All agree that manure detracts from the beauty and ambiance that they have sought on the trail. Equestrians perceive manure as a natural product that will disappear in a matter of days. Other user groups are offended when they come across a five pound pile of horse excrement. Horseback riders now have a new tool- the Horse Hockey Stick, introduced by Barn Buddies Boutique ( The rider removes manure from the trail while remaining in the saddle.

In the past, removing horse droppings meant the rider had to dismount their horse. This can be a dangerous, time-consuming and difficult procedure. With the Horse Hockey Stick the rider can clear the trail without dismounting.

The Horse Hockey Stick is easy to use, hygienic, lightweight, durable, resistant to heat/cold/rain/dust /mud and comes in four colors. The tool collapses from 5 feet to 18 inches and stores easily on the saddle.

Price is $26.
Company president Irene Hardy says, "The Horse Hockey Stick is a safe, easy way to help maintain our trails. We are glad to be able to bring forward a product that helps the rider, horse and other trail users while maintaining the beautiful views that we all appreciate."

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Barn Buddies Boutique is dedicated to presenting products that combine the function and enduring beauty of traditional English and Western riding with the needs and realities of 21st century horsemen and horsewomen. Our goal is to bring forward products that maintain rider safety and enhance the trail riding experience.

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