Optify’s Digital Marketing Software Suite Delivers Stealth Creative’s Secret Sauce

Seattle, WA, November 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Optify, the leading innovator in digital marketing software for professional B2B marketers, today announced that Stealth Creative has adopted Optify’s Digital Marketing Suite as a core technology for their agency. Stealth Creative, based in St. Louis, Missouri uses Optify to develop, execute and report on digital marketing initiatives for their clients and generate business for the firm. Optify’s digital marketing solution has helped expand the services they can offer clients and dramatically reduced reporting time to increase business efficiency.

“Our goal is to provide simple, insightful and actionable tools and data for agencies just like Stealth Creative,” said Doug Wheeler, Chief Marketing Officer, Optify. “Their logic is simple. Stealth Creative wants the market to see their work, but think of their client. We want agencies to use our solution, but deliver superior service and reporting to their clients without Optify taking center stage in the relationship.”

Like many other digital marketing agencies, Stealth Creative was looking for a digital marketing solution that would give them a cost effective means to scale their business and offer a competitive advantage for their clients. Optify’s ability to research, track, manage and report on website visitor and lead intelligence as well as SEO campaigns, enables them to offer retainer-based services that provides value to their clients month over month.

“Optify’s partner program has allowed us to scale and grow our business by offering more differentiated services,” said Mindy Jefferies, President and CEO at Stealth Creative. “It has solved SEO and lead intelligence problems all in one integrated suite.”

Stealth Creative uses Optify’s local search engine ranking to provide better search insight to their regional clients by offering keyword rank reports for select metropolitan cities. This data allows the client to make adjustments to their search engine optimization efforts to rank higher for the key metropolitan areas that their business focuses on to drive more business to their website. The keyword reports were automatically generated using Optify, which saved Stealth Creative 15 hours per month when creating and delivering co-branded reports for their clients.

In addition to using Optify’s software for their clients, Stealth Creative also uses Optify’s software to grow their own business. Using Optify’s Visitor and Lead Intelligence they are able to gain insight into which visitors and leads are turning into business opportunities, due to their own marketing campaigns. “With Optify Connect we can see who is on the website, how often they are coming back and how engaged they are with the business,” said Mindy Jeffries, President and CEO of Stealth Creative. “We are able to identify which cold leads are actually prospects because we see which businesses are interested in our services, increasing the leads in our pipeline.”

Optify has specific software editions for digital marketing agencies. For questions about the unique benefits of Optify’s digital marketing agency program, special pricing or to start a free trial, please visit www.optify.net/digital-marketing-for-agencies.

Optify is the leading innovator and award winning provider of digital marketing software for B2B marketing professionals. Our SaaS-based digital marketing suite of tools provides a completely integrated solution for maximizing, measuring and reporting on inbound marketing, marketing automation and sales enablement specifically for digital marketing agencies and small/medium business customers.

Optify offers tailored editions (features and pricing) of our solution for our valued customers including Optify Express, Optify Professional and Optify Unlimited. For more information on products, pricing or partnership, please visit us at www.optify.net or call +1 877.2.OPTIFY (+1 877.267.8439). Visit the Optify Lead Generation Blog and follow Optify on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Jennifer Wong