Avolution Launch Hosted HTML5-Based Service, ABACUS® Intelligence On-Demand™

Avolution, developer and supplier of software solutions for IT strategy, planning and enterprise modelling, today announced the launch of a new hosted service.

London, United Kingdom, November 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Avolution, developer and supplier of software solutions for IT strategy, planning and enterprise modelling, today announced the launch of a new hosted service. HTML5-based and platform agnostic, ABACUS Intelligence On-Demand addresses the needs of business and IT decision makers to view up-to-date information on corporate resources whenever it’s needed, via a hosted, web-based service. ABACUS Intelligence links directly to a customer’s ABACUS repository, enabling dynamic views of their architecture model to be displayed on pc’s, tablets and smart phones.

Dr Tim O'Neill, co-founder of Avolution, commented, “ABACUS Intelligence On-Demand will help business and IT stakeholders keep their entire organisation informed of current projects and business change strategies. This can be vital in ensuring that key initiatives are kept visible to decision-makers and participants, and continue to receive full management support.”

O’Neill continued, “ABACUS Intelligence also recognises the trend amongst corporates to outsource IT-based services to the cloud, and we have a roadmap of web-based solutions which will offer a hosted option alongside conventional on-premises software.”

The ABACUS Intelligence On-Demand service complements Avolution’s existing ABACUS product suite that provides solutions for a range of business challenges, including: Strategic Planning; Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM); Enterprise Architecture (EA); Business Process Management (BPM); Business Intelligence (BI); IT Service Management (ITSM); and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). To fulfil these business needs, organisations use ABACUS to create a structural model embracing Business, Information, Application and Technology domains, and use sophisticated analysis techniques to determine optimal paths for business and IT change.

ABACUS enables defined viewpoints of architecture models, and outcomes from analysis of planned changes, to be displayed as catalogues, diagrams, charts, matrices and 3D views. Collections of such views can be assigned to pre-configured dashboards, to bring meaningful information to targeted user groups. With ABACUS Intelligence, such dashboards are available to user communities via their web browser, enhanced with the rich user experience of HTML5. Dashboards are assembled from dock-able and navigable ‘portlets’, which can be re-ordered and re-sized, with each portlet delivering query-based results directly from the ABACUS repository. Users therefore benefit from instant and dynamic access to repository data, with the convenience of using their own choice of device.

About Avolution:
Avolution provides the ABACUS® solution which is unique to the enterprise modelling space in that it can create multiple solution alternatives (architectures) and then run various simulations (Discrete Event, Monte Carlo etc) against each alternative for metrics such as Performance, Cost and Availability. In so doing it can recommend the optimal path for investment, with predictive and quantitative certainty. More information is available at www.avolution.eu.

•Build any number of solution alternatives and views, all according to a completely flexible meta-model, importing from MS Visio, MS Excel and many other formats.
•Analyse your architecture(s) for metrics such as; Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Performance, Availability, Agility and many more.
•View the architecture(s) and the results of any evaluation using advanced techniques such as; 3D, heat maps, timelines, lifecycles, capability spaces and trade-off diagrams.

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