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Online encyclopedia offers for free process descriptions, process simulations, flow diagrams, KPIs, economics information and key tools for capital cost estimation for chemical process technologies.

Houston, TX, November 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Intratec Solutions LLC (www.intratec.us), concerned about the importance of reliable high quality information for the chemical process industry community, introduced the first free online encyclopedia of chemical technology, improvement and research economics.

Intratec Knowledge Base (base.intratec.us) provides real-world knowledge regarding not only process description itself, such as raw materials, process technology, licensors, by-products and consumptions; but also the economics surrounding, with CAPEX, OPEX and process simulation, for example. All major tools assembled online and extra files for registered ones, in a forever free online access.

Furthermore, Knowledge Base provides up-to-date indicators with reliable information such as the Plant Construction Location Factor, used to convert a base project cost from one geographic location to another; and the Profitability Index for the Chemical Sector, which contains data of major global chemical companies, based on the weighted average of their EBITDA margins.

Likewise, a process simulation is provided by Aspen Plus® and/or Aspen HYSYS® files for you to manipulate the data to best fit your necessities, improving your project cost estimation. Intratec’s Plant Construction Index (IC Index) has also been integrated to best offer a determinative and complete experience.

Intratec Publications are the main reference for the articles presented in the Intratec Knowledge Base. They consist of in-depth analyses, concerning both technical and economic aspects of a chemical technology, available at established distribution channels like Amazon.com and HP MagCloud. All reports are also offered in digital and paperback format at Intratec’s website, with a preview of the content.

About Intratec

Intratec is worldwide recognized for its excellence in independent research for the global chemical industry. Intratec is committed to offering, via internet, the most honest and well-structured feasibility studies and process analyses to industry professionals, students, educators and investors through its high quality publications and innovative consulting activity known as Publication as a Service. Intratec is the conceiver of the first free online encyclopedia of chemical technology, improvement & research economics available at base.intratec.us
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