Coastal Condo News Launches Special Sandy Edition and Web Pages

Fort Pierce, FL, November 08, 2012 --( Coastal Condo News, America’s premier magazine for coastal condominium restoration, announces a special edition and a special section on its web site dedicated exclusively to hurricane Sandy victims, according to Dennis Hill, Publisher. The online magazine and the special section provide important information and resources specifically for persons serving on condo boards, homeowner associations, and resident unit owners, and it is located at

“Condominium restoration is where our expertise lies,” said Hill. “Our team has decades of expertise and hands on experience in the industry in all areas of condominium restoration and reconstruction including engineering, concrete reconstruction, waterproofing, windows, doors, railings, and anything else you can think of. We want to share this information with condo boards and associations affected by Sandy so that they don’t make mistakes as they rebuild.”

Based in Florida, the staff of Coastal Condo News is uniquely qualified to provide the information and expert advice.

“Our experts do this work on a daily basis,“ Hill said. “Given the proximity of most hi-rise condos to the ocean and our experience dealing with the aftermath of numerous devastating hurricanes, we have a deep understanding of the issues and problems HOA’s and condo boards will be facing in the coming years as they rebuild.”

The issue, which is online now at, features an initial overview of what condo boards and owners can expect over the next few weeks and months. Coastal Condo News outlines everything from hiring engineers and contractors to dealing everyone they with whom they need to work. The issues and the pages will increase daily to feature additional important information as the recovery effort continues.

“We intend Coastal Condo News to be a repository of valuable information for all HOA’s and condo boards in the affected region throughout the recovery process,” Hill said. “We can answer a lot of important questions as they arise because of our experience in exactly what these boards and HOA’s are going through.”

Hill’s experience is also unique in that he managed a commercial construction firm before, during and after hurricanes Frances and Jeanne that completed the restoration work on over 20 projects including hi-rise condominiums.

Coastal Condo News was first published in 2010 and designed to provide a high degree of knowledge-based experience in its articles to HOA’s and condo boards as well as to introduce those experts to a community that needed them.

“The Florida economy was in a tailspin when we introduced Coastal Condo News to the state,” Hill added. “Consequently, a lot of contractors who had little or no experience in restoration were getting into the game. This caused a lot of heartache for the HOA’s, boards, homeowners, and the industry as a whole. We needed to turn that around.”

Coastal Condo News’ Sandy editions are specifically for those affected in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and other areas suffering the effects of Sandy.

“We can and will share our knowledge and understanding from our perspective here, as we have been through it,” said Hill. “But our focus is on the Northeast and providing important information relevant to the area.”

Coastal Condo News is encouraging people from the affected region to send their questions regarding the restoration of their complexes, their stories, and problems to them at

“We will endeavor to answer all questions to the best of our ability, and utilize our team of experts to the fullest advantage,” concluded Hill.

Coastal Condo News would like to also thank its initial sponsors CSI and Wind Ready for making this initial issue possible.

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