SKYbroadband Continues to Lead Broadband Speed Race in the Philippines

In the Philippines, SKYbroadband launches record-breaking ultra high speed broadband plan of up to 200mbps making it the fastest available residential broadband in the country.

Pasig City, Philippines, November 10, 2012 --( In the constantly developing world of broadband internet, there are two things to always consider—stability and of course, speed. Currently, there are three types of broadband service promising these two qualities to residential consumers in the Philippines —DSL, cable and fiber optic.

DSL or digital subscriber line uses the existing copper line of your telephone connection. DSL currently offers the slowest in speed compared to cable and fiber optic and the quality of the service depends on your distance to the central office of your provider. This means that the farther you are from your service provider, the slower your service is. The highest residential DSL speeds in the Philippines only reach up to 10mbps for an expensive rate of PhP4,000. Although fiber optic broadband is the newest addition to broadband internet in the country, it currently offers speeds of only up to 100mbps, half less than the cable broadband’s current capacity.

Cable broadband is the high speed platform of choice and the standard for countries which are proud of having the fastest internet speeds in the world such as the US, South Korea, and Singapore. Cable broadband is delivered through co-axial cables which wear longer than the glass that fiber optics use; cable technology is also far easier to lay down and connection is sturdier.

In the Philippines, SKYbroadband currently offers a record-breaking ultra high speed of up to 200mbps. The plan, at PhP34,999, comes with free installation of iRECORD and three additional HD outlets. All 22 HD channels and over 100 other digital cable channels of SKYcable are also thrown in this package.

As Filipinos increasingly live their lives online, and as more homes access the internet not just from PCs but from laptops, Smartphones, games consoles and tablets, the need for faster broadband speeds is increasing. With SKYbroadband Ultra High Speed plans, SKYbroadband is able to provide world standard broadband speeds in the Philippines today.
SKY Cable Corporation
Chie Yu