Author Shocked to Find His Book on Three Best Seller Lists Before It Had Ever Been Released

Writing a book was an eye-opening experience for author Jobe Leonard. Even more revealing was the morning he got out of bed to find his unreleased title “Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe” on three bestseller lists.

Knoxville, TN, November 11, 2012 --( The author mentions that his actual release date for the book is 11/23/12 or Black Friday. “I worked over the past year to get the website, literature, and product pages fine-tuned,” says Leonard. “I had everything set up to conduct a test run on a Tuesday afternoon, and I left to do an interview with a national newspaper. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, “Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe” was selling like hot cakes.”

Jobe quickly got in touch with his distribution network, because the amount of sales coupled with the fact that the actual launch day was 11/23/12 indicated there must be some mistake. Much to his chagrin they quickly informed him that they had already shipped one production run and were warming up for another. “Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe” was officially at a crossroads. “I had two options,” Jobe stated. “I could either let the book stay on the market and keep quiet about it, or pull the plug on production until the actual release date.”

Jobe indicated that the book he planned to release later in the month was in high demand, because of the subject matter and writing style. When universities, parents, and students noticed a relevant title written by a student who had actually lived the experience first hand they began snapping it up. The lack of this type of literature created a unique market for this piece of literature.

With sales exceeding expectations before the book had technically went to market Jobe decided to sleep on it and let the book production continue for one more night. “When I awoke that Friday morning and was doing my daily literature market research, I was shocked to find my book atop three best seller lists.” The excitement and anxiety felt in a moment like this is similar to the feelings that Jobe felt when traveling abroad and needed to make a judgment call. He developed a process that he uses to make important decisions while abroad and at home. He calls it the SOUND Decision Method.

The SOUND Decision Method

Sleep: Sleep on it. A night’s rest can make everything clearer. Choices made on a tired mind can be irrational.

Overestimate: Overestimate the cost of each decision so that being broke will never be an issue. Quickly eliminate options outside of one’s budget range.

Understand: Understand what is involved. There are many sides to every situation. Evaluate them all before making a final commitment.

Never: Never make a final selection just because the group wants to. Group thinking can be dangerous in business, abroad, and at home.

Decide: Decide as soon as the information is available to make a solid judgment. Then go for it. If the previous steps were followed a SOUND decision will be the result.

“Study Abroad: The Book of Jobe” targets colleges, explorers, student travelers, and their parents. It includes advice and first hand knowledge on how to make a study abroad experience worthwhile. Much like the excitement surrounding a voyage the enthusiasm is evident throughout the work. It was soon evident why the book began flying off of shelves so quickly.

Even though the actual release date is 11/23/12 this book is available in print at or on It is available in both print and E-book formats. Book stores can order paperback editions through ISBN 978-0615664088
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