Wellness Startup Focused on Healthier Computing – With a Twist

High Point Wellness Concepts LLC introduces "vertical" crowdfunding.

Issaquah, WA, November 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- High Point Wellness Concepts LLC, a start-up company in the northwest, is financing the launch of their unique computer workstation by introducing a new twist on crowdfunding. The XTensionDesk focuses on easily changing one’s posture while using the computer. The company believes that frequent changes will help users avoid and rehabilitate from repetitive injuries and obesity. Their current prototype has received high marks from healthcare experts and is nearly ready for production.

The company claims to have pioneered the first true innovation to the workspace since the 1960’s introduction of the cubicle: a workspace that allows computer users, from adults to children, to change position easily with quick adjustments that fit their unique physical needs: from sitting to standing to reclining. After taking the product through four successful testing and modification stages, the company has partnered with manuel saez & partners from NYC, an award- winning industrial design firm, to prepare the final version for manufacturing. Saez says simply: “This is the dream desk.”

The startup plans to launch by offering pre-orders to healthcare providers such as physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors throughout the U.S. According to the company’s website (xtensiondesk.com ) these pre-orders will cover the final development costs to fulfill the first 300 units. High Point’s Founder, Craig Dye, says “Instead of selling equity or taking out loans, we think it will be wiser in the long run to initiate a strong relationship with an important set of partners. Healthcare pros can help us develop the product, and then resell it to increase revenues for their practices and better serve their patients. It combines the best parts of crowdfunding to directly benefit all those involved.”

You don’t have to be a healthcare pro to participate in this, however. This is being offered to the first 300 people – either interested individuals or healthcare professionals - who place pre-orders for the XTensionDesk. High Point is offering all of these early adopters a deep discount and further discounts for referrals that place pre-orders. For the professional crowd, the company is locking in this discount for two years along with preferred order processing. Further, the company is pledging that they will only resell the XTensionDesk through healthcare providers for the first 10 months. Dye is confident this benefit will entice savvy early adopters. “We want to show our appreciation by making these key partners the initial distribution channel for the first complete solution to repetitive injuries and obesity”, said Dye. “It’s a logical partnership. These professionals regularly treat patients dealing with these persistent issues, and our solution will benefit their practice and their patients.”

High Point Wellness Concepts LLC , Issaquah, Washington, is the developer of an ergonomic computer workspace, the XTensiondesk , designed to reduce repetitive injuries and obesity, and to rehabilitate injured workers. For more information, or to schedule an interview with Craig Dye, please call 425/802-7718 or e-mail Craig at craig@xtensiondesk.com
Craig Dye