Kid Van Gogh - New App Turns Kids Freeform Drawings Into Playable Games

Danbury, CT, November 13, 2012 --( The new iOS app "Kid Van Gogh" is enabling young kids around the world to become app builders by turning their doodles into playable games. Released just two weeks ago, Kid Van Gogh has been used in nearly forty countries, with users already creating thousands of unique games and pictures.

Created by a father of three, with children in mind, the app features simple icons, limited text, and audio guidance for those that cannot yet read, and is free of ads that can be a headache for parents and children alike.

Looking for ways to inspire creativity, he recently challenged one of his sons to narrate a story and draw the images. Eager to teach the potential of programming, he then turned this into a video game so that the kids could play out the story. Other parents seeing the results, and how engaged the kids became with it, wanted the same for their children (a way to turn art into just a bit more).

Knowing how exciting it was for children to watch their art come to life, Robot Woods now presents Kid Van Gogh ( This iOS application (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) allows children to draw whatever they like, and then turns those sketches into a variety of games, installed right on their device like any other app. Another feature lets them take pictures of friends, and sketch right on top of them, while keeping the original versions safe and sound.

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Josh Kessler