"The Other Side of Through": Author Talks to Entertainment Wire About Real Life Drama as Ex-Celebrity Wife

"The Other Side Of Through": Author Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders Talks to Entertainment Wire About Her Book and Her Painful Marriage to 90's Singer Keith Washington.

Jacksonville, FL, July 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Author Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders recently spoke with Entertainment Wire about "The Other Side of Through," a book loosely based on her painful 14-year marriage to R&B singer Keith Washington. The book, which she intends to turn into a movie, follows Katlyn Kincaid marriage to Justin Kincaid, a rising musical star who finds it difficult to honor their union.

In the interview, the Detroit native talked candidly about the issues she faced in her marriage to Washington and the pain of betrayal from associates. She says that after leaving the marriage, scarred and bitter, keeping a journal helped her heal; that journal led to “The Other Side of Through,” which took seven years to complete. As her heroine, Jenkins-Sanders also had to deal with the difference between fairy tale and the reality of loving a man that she shared with the world.

“Women especially seem to think if they marry a man ‘with a name’ their cares (financial especially) will end,” says the ASCAP Writer and Publisher Award winner of Washington’s biggest hit, “Kissing You.” “Perhaps, but will you be happy with all the trapping and accoutrements that come with that wealth?”

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