Social+ ("Social Positive") Launched: Campaign Increases Awareness About the Social Impact of Everyday Decisions and Actions

Lehigh Valley, PA, November 14, 2012 --( Social+ (“social positive”) is a new social marketing campaign from The Fruition Coalition. Social+ builds upon the idea of being carbon neutral. People who are Social+ aim to have a net positive social impact by considering the environmental and human impact of everyday decisions and interactions, being actively involved in the community, and expressing kindness and compassion toward others on a daily basis. Pledging to be Social+ demonstrates a commitment to positive social change and provides opportunities for increased awareness and discussion with others. For more information, visit

There are four components to this campaign:

· Twitter users can tell the story of how they are living Social+ by adding #socialpositive to their tweets.Twitter users can then search for #socialpositive to see stories of people who are living Social+.
· Individuals can purchase Social+ clothing and other merchandise to publicly declare their commitment to positive social change and to provoke conversations with others about living Social+:
· The Fruition Coalition will also feature longer stories from people who are Social+ on their blog, The Activist’s Muse; to participate, individuals should email their story along with a photograph in their favorite Social+ shirt.
· A 2013 Social+ calendar is available with daily ideas and tips about being Social+:

Founding Director Jessica R. Dreistadt describes this project as a way to increase awareness of opportunities to promote community engagement and social change. “Our everyday decisions and interactions have a huge impact. Social+ is a simple way to remember this important idea and to open up conversations with others about how we can actively promote positive social change every single day.”

The Fruition Coalition is actively creating a flourishing world by supporting progressive social change and community benefit organizations through education, dialogue, and consulting that integrates research, intuition, experience, and dreams. Their programs and services include: The Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action, an online school where ideas are explored and applied to the real processes of organizational and social change; Le Salon Utopique, an online community where ideas are discussed and connections to support our work develop; The Activist’s Muse, a blog that explores personal, organizational, and social change through stories and ideas; and consulting services that help organizations research, plan, implement, and evaluate their work. The Fruition Coalition was founded by Jessica R. Dreistadt in 2001. For more information, visit
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