Doing Battle with Today’s Business Demons - Bridge Logistics Services' New Electronic Weapons

In today’s increasingly competitive and challenging business climate, Bridge Logistics Services faced these demons head-on by choosing its weapons wisely. It turned to a trusted technology partner and developed a customer service tool that has proven to be both a communication and inventory intelligence goldmine. In addition, Bridge stuck to its strong practice and record of customer service.

Milwaukee, WI, November 13, 2012 --( Choosing the right tool in today’s business climate is important. Many times, it can be the difference between keeping those valuable customers or losing them to the competition. It is often the key point of differentiation between you and others in the market place that will help you win that important piece of business.


Reliability – needed to provide a reliable and fully automated order and shipment acknowledgement system.
Validation – needed to enable order acknowledgement and status updates.
Business processes – needed to maintain existing business processes and platforms.
Security – needed to guarantee secure Web-based transactions.
Customer Service – wanted to enhance customer service but maintain cost


Bridge Logistics Services provides access to inventory information via a Warehouse Management System. This system also offers a series of reports summarized in an excel format referred to as an EBOT. The EBOT produces the following reports:

· Daily Shipments
· Daily Status
· Daily Receipts
· Daily Activity

· Bridge Logistics also provide automated e-mails acknowledging:

· Shipments
· Orders
· Receipts

In addition to receiving reports, customers can also access inventory information via a secure Account Access section on the Bridge Logistics website. From this portal, accounts can check on:

· Activity for the last seven days or current month
· Stock Status
· Completed orders

· Reduced costs
· Improved customer satisfaction
· Improved accuracy of information

To take advantage of Bridge Logistics automated services or EBOT, please contact Jennifer Krocak at 414-727-2911 or

About Bridge Logistics Services
Bridge Logistics Services furnishes customized, same-day warehousing and logistics solutions to companies of all sizes including Major Fortune 500 and 1000 companies and smaller organizations. Bridge helps save companies money through the outsourcing of non-core competency functions as a result we will: 1) Create efficiencies, 2)Control costs, 3) Improve cash flow, 4)Reduce the need for expensive real estate to hold inventory, 5) Bring greater responsiveness to accommodate fluctuations in demand or supply, 6) Offer more scalable logistics operation, 7) Reduce purchasing and maintenance costs for highly depreciable assets, 8) Reduce risk and 9) Allow the start of new projects quickly.

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