New Service for Institutional Investors - Japanese Famous Consulting Firm, Japan Private Equity Adivisers

Japanese consulting firm, Japan Private Equity Adivisers (JPA) offer a customized set of private equity asset management services that focuses on Japanese private equity markets.

Tokyo, Japan, July 19, 2007 --( Japan Private Equity Adivisers(JPA), the investment consultantant firm, today announced a new service.

JPA offer a customized set of private equity asset management services to support their clients' unique needs, that forcuses on Japanese private equity markets.

Compared to traditional investment classes, to make a prudent private equity investment in Japan requires a different set of expertise and experience. With its combined background and experience in Japan of a successful independent venture capital and a prominent family office, ICP, Inc. (ICP inc is an investment firm focused on private equity investment and managed USD 35 million fund, IRR Percentage for Fiscal Year 34.1%)

JPA provides their clients superior access to the top Japanese fund managers, sophisticated performance measurement and reporting, and tailored exit strategies.

Their services and expertise are products of their own experience on private equity investment in Japan as investor. JPA's unique characteristics include a wide network to identify investment opportunities, its independent positioning to flexibly access fund managers, successful hands-on experience on venture investments, proven methods on Japanese private equity market.

The Centre for Asia Private Equity Research in Hong Kong estimates that Japan could attract up to US$8bn worth of private equity in 2006, up from US$4.7bn in 2005. Japanese private equity market spreads out more than ever before, then it would be more fruitful and attractive.

About Japan Private Equity Adivisers (JPA)
Japan Private Equity Adivisers is an independent investment consultant that focuses on Japanese private equity markets. JPA is a joint venture sponsored by ICP, Inc, a Japanese independent venture capital, and a prominent family office.

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