Gamma Medica-Ideas Announces Sale of Flex TriumphTM Multi-Modality Pre-Clinical Imaging System to Université de Rouen

Los Angeles, CA, July 19, 2007 --( Gamma Medica-Ideas Inc. (GM-I), a leader in providing next-generation medical imaging devices for the pre-clinical and clinical markets, announced today that Université de Rouen in France has placed an order for a dual-modality Flex TriumphTM pre-clinical platform – including its revolutionary digital CZT-based X-SPECT® micro-SPECT® sub-system and X-O® CT imaging sub-system.

Université de Rouen is acquiring Gamma Medica-Ideas’ pre-clinical system principally for cardiology and cancer research. Their goal is to develop pre-clinical imaging within Rouen’s Faculty of Medicine, in connection with the clinical research being conducted at the CHU of Rouen and the Henri Becquerel regional center for fight against cancer. The pre-clinical imaging platform will be installed in immediate proximity of the Quant.I.F. laboratory which specializes in medical imaging processing. Rouen’s Faculty of Medicine is already equipped with an echographer and a microIRM Tesla for pre-clinical imaging.

Gamma Medica-Ideas’ Flex TriumphTM multi-modality pre-clinical platform offers multiple configurations to meet user needs. It can combine up to three different imaging modalities (PET, SPECT, CT) in a single platform. Key application areas include cardiology, neurology, oncology, and bone analysis. The platform is designed and manufactured to be easily upgradeable to fit growing needs.

About Gamma Medica-Ideas, Inc.

Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I) designs, builds and services imaging systems based on novel technologies to improve patient health through early diagnosis of disease, improved patient treatment and by enabling new drug discovery. GM-I is dedicated to leading medical imaging into a new digital era with its unique sensor readout systems. The company’s core digital imaging technologies also hold great promise for a new class of solutions for the safety and security markets. In the pre-clinical space, GM-I’s FLEX TriumphTM imaging platform is marketed for medical research and drug development. The Triumph system combines PET (X-PETTM or its new fully digital LabPETTM), SPECT (X-SPECT®) and CT (X-OTM) modalities in the world’s first tri-modality system.

In the clinical space, GM-I offers LumaGEM®, its dual-headed Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) based system for early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The digital gamma ray imaging technology in LumaGEM offers significant advances in resolution and contrast which has allowed for identification of millimeter sized breast cancers missed by mammography, especially in women with dense breast tissue.

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