AXIGEN Mail Sever 4.0 Complies with German Laws

AXIGEN and its German partner Huwe Stephan EDV-Losungen announced today AXIGEN Mail Server’s full compliance with the German legislation regarding email communication.

Bucharest, Romania, July 19, 2007 --( AXIGEN, the professional mail server vendor, and its German partner Huwe Stephan EDV-Losungen, announced today that the AXIGEN Mail Server fully complies with the German legislation regarding email communication. This compliance is ensured by the new Appender feature, available in version 4.0 of AXIGEN.

All email messages sent between companies operating in the German market must contain certain details, such as name, legal form and location of the sending company, as well as its related registration office and registration number. This legal stipulation aims at increasing availability of all necessary details since the very beginning of a possible business relationship.

Having these requirements in mind, version 4.0 of the AXIGEN Mail Server comes with the Appender feature, an editable tag added to all email messages sent from a certain domain. System administrators can easily edit this tag to contain all required company information through AXIGEN’s web-based administration module, WebAdmin. As each domain managed by AXIGEN has its own Appender, companies within a group can be uniquely identified with their corresponding data.

"The current development of AXIGEN makes us and our customers feel very confident. With a good understanding of customer needs, AXIGEN fulfills the requirements of the German market in a complete manner. The multiple new releases of AXIGEN during the last months stand as proof to this ability," said Huwe Stephan the CEO of Huwe Stephan EDV-Losungen (Huestel).

“We are strongly committed to meet all emerging needs of our customers around the world and to adapt future versions of the AXIGEN Mail Server to local market requirements in a timely manner. We are determined to keep providing an affordable, adaptable and easy to use solution, perfectly fit for the German business environment,” concluded Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO.

Based on a multiplatform architecture, the AXIGEN Mail Server, now at version 4.0, runs on several Linux and BSD distributions, on Solaris and PowerPC and signed technology partnerships with Sun Microsystems, RedHat, IBM and Avira.

A dynamic and talented team of professionals with 15 years of experience in technology research and software security, embarked in 2003 on a new and challenging project, under the brand name AXIGEN.

AXIGEN Mail Server is a fast, reliable and secure internet messaging solution, offering the power and sturdiness of a carrier class mail server. The first commercial version of AXIGEN for all major Linux distributions was unveiled at LinuxWorld Expo, in London, in September 2005. One year after the official launch, AXIGEN has already concluded business agreements with more than 90 domestic and international partners from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and Romania and manages e-mail traffic for approximately 500,000 mailboxes worldwide.

AXIGEN smoothly integrates SMTP/POP/IMAP and WebMail, offering unique configurability and security that allow system administrators to have full control of the email traffic. Their mission is to help AXIGEN users and partners worldwide to build trust in their products, as well as in their business relationships.

About Huwe Stephan EDV-Losungen (Huestel)
The German-based Huwe Stephan EDV-Losungen (Huestel) company offers Hardware, Software and IT consultancy services to companies of all sizes, from small offices to large corporations. Their young team of IT professionals, together with their reliable partners, is dedicated to deliver complex solutions which meet their customers’ needs perfectly.

Huestel is the pioneer in introducing the AXIGEN Mail Server to the German market. Dedicated to building AXIGEN awareness on the German market, Hustel provides value added solutions, such as a reference free mail project, live CDs and virtual images with AXIGEN, as well as support, documentation and an FAQ section in German.

Alina Popescu