Mazama Designs Introduces the Latest Version of Its Innovative Sidestream Hydration Pack for Runners

Runners can hydrate more efficiently than ever using Mazama Designs’ new Sidestream hydration waistpack. The new pack pairs Sidestream’s unique self-storing drink tube with a larger fluid reservoir allowing runners to hydrate-on-the fly for even longer distances.

Bend, OR, November 16, 2012 --( The Sidestream waist pack’s key feature is an automatically retracting drink tube that enables runners to hydrate smoothly without slowing down. Normally, Sidestream's drink tube is coiled up inside the pack, while its bite valve is positioned within easy reach at the user’s waist. Runners can hydrate in stride by simply drawing the bite valve up to their mouth and letting go when done. Once released, the drink tube automatically recoils back into the pack. This arrangement allows runners to drink with minimal effort while keeping their eyes on the trail ahead.

The next generation Sidestream includes a number of features to help runners hydrate easily and comfortably. The lightweight, streamlined waist pack sits in the small of your back to provide a comfortable, no-bounce fit. Sidestream's collapsible bladder features a top fill port, allowing you to fill the bladder without removing it from the pack. Unlike bottles, there is very little sloshing as you run. Sidestream's high flow bite valve gives you instant fluid flow without the need to open a spout. Both bladder and drink tube are insulated within the pack helping to keep your fluid cool.

New features include a 1.3 Liter (45 ounces) no-taste, anti-microbial bladder, anti-microbial tubing, an insulating drink tube grip, a second zippered accessory pocket, and a quick-access gel/energy bar holster. The new, larger bladder offers significantly more fluid capacity than a bottle, in a configuration that keeps the weight off the shoulders and close to your body’s center of gravity. Sidestream’s innovative quick access holster securely holds gel-packs or energy bars within fingertip reach at the front of the pack.

“With Sidestream there is no dangling drink tube or fumbling with bottles--it's designed to fully integrate with a runner's motion and the task at hand," says Matt Hoskins, head of design and development at Mazama Designs. "Sidestream has largely met our goal of creating a hydration pack that delivers fluid without sacrificing a runner's speed, balance, or focus.”

Based in trail-happy Bend, Oregon, Mazama Designs has been involved in developing sports hydration products for over 15 years. Originally, a medical device design consulting firm, the company drew on this background to develop innovative bite valves, pump systems, and other hydration-related products for the endurance sports market.

“Mazama Design’s mission is to enhance athletes’ comfort and performance” according Hoskins. “Whether it’s a feature that gets you out the door quicker or keeps your fluid cooler, our products are designed to make your outings more enjoyable.”

Sidestream is available online at Sidestream retails for $44.99 plus shipping and handling and is covered by a lifetime warranty.
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