Ray Scott from Grid-Tools to Speak at the Agile Testing Days Conference

Oxford, United Kingdom, November 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Ray Scott, Director of Agile services at Grid-Tools, will be a guest speaker at the annual European conference, Agile Testing Days, this year being held in Potsdam, Germany from November 19–22.

As Agile has gained increasing traction in the world of software development and project management, the event is recognized as offering essential insight to professionals working within testing, software engineering, application development and leadership.

Ray Scott has been invited to present how best practices in Agile test data management can deliver efficiencies and reduce an application’s time to market and cost of delivery. “Test data is a vital issue today as its impact on product delivery is considerable,” says Ray, “If you do not understand your data then you do not understand how to test your product, so I’ll be demonstrating how to identify issues and solve data provisioning issues across organisations.”

A mentor in Agile principles, Ray Scott has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, including 15 years as a project development lead for a range of Development and Quality System implementations. He also has a reputation as an evangelist, specializing in SCRUM, eXtreme programming methodologies, is a recognised Test Methodologist as well as a certified SCRUM Master and Practitioner.

Ray’s talk, Agile Solutions – Leading with Test Data Management, is scheduled for Thursday 22nd November at 14:30pm. “As well as best practice, I will set out what infrastructure is needed to provide high quality data for development, functional testing, performance, user acceptance and security teams.

But I’ll also focus on anther essential - the softer side of team building such as relationship modelling as that helps create an effective cohesive work space for testers, DBAs and test data engineers.”

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