Upshot Commerce Offers Convenient Integration with Social Media

Upshot Commerce recently announced new social media integration capabilities, allowing retailers to integrate with a number of social media platforms and leverage their marketing potential. The extensions include both the Social Pricing Extension and the Social Log In Extension.

Boston, MA, November 17, 2012 --( Upshot Commerce, a provider of on-demand, fully customizable e-commerce software solutions, recently announced new social media integration capabilities. These social media extensions allow Upshot Commerce retailers to integrate their e-commerce sites with a number of social media platforms and leverage their marketing potential. The extensions include both the Social Pricing Extension and the Social Log In Extension.

The Social Pricing Extension allows retailers to increase website engagement by offering item price breaks that are dependent on the number of Facebook Likes they achieve. “This extension is perfect for retailers looking for creative ways to engage their customers and increase brand awareness,” says Milanie Cleere, Chief Marketing Officer of Upshot Commerce. “When used in conjunction with an active social media marketing campaign, this can really help retailers boost their website traffic.”

While the Social Pricing Extension engages customers through popularity-driven promotions, the Social Log In Extension helps to make registering with your website even easier. “Most e-commerce consumers have countless numbers of unique website log ins,” says Neal Kaiser, founder and CEO of Upshot Commerce. “When it comes to retail, you want to do everything you can to make registering with your site as easy as possible. One way to do that is to give them one less log in and password to remember.”

The Upshot Commerce Social Log In Extension achieves this by offering new users the opportunity to register with your site using an already existing Facebook or Twitter account. This makes registering quick and easy, and also helps to increase conversions for your online store. “If creating an account or logging in is too complicated, many customers will abandon their carts and shop elsewhere,” says Derek Stringfellow, Chief Business Development Officer of Upshot Commerce. “This extension helps e-commerce owners to capture and retain more registered users, and increases shopping convenience for customers.”

About Upshot Commerce

Upshot Commerce, (formerly Make-a-Store) was founded by Neal Kaiser while studying computer science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He created one of the first e-commerce companies in 1994 and has been quietly been building and deploying e-commerce solutions since. A few years and several hundred clients later, Upshot is at the forefront of e-commerce innovation. Upshot Commerce is located in the wicked cool city of Salem, MA.

The Upshot Commerce e-commerce software solution includes features for inventory, order, checkout and customer management, online merchandising, shipping and fulfillment, reports and analytics, wholesale and B2B management SEO, security, mobile and social commerce integration affinity/auto-ship programs, integration with ERP and accounting systems such as MAS 90/200 channel sales integration with companies such as Amazon and eBay, eBook online sales features and a loyalty/reward points program.

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