Nigerian Power Minister Ibrahim-Kuchi Opens West African Power Industry Convention in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria, November 18, 2012 --( The Honourable Hajiya Zainab Ibrahim-Kuchi, Minister of State for Power, Nigeria, will deliver the opening address of the West African Industry Convention (WAPIC) on Tuesday, 20 November at the Eko Convention Centre in Lagos.

Some 500 regional power industry and utility experts are expected to attend the 9th edition of WAPIC 2012 with the theme “Preparing the West African power industry for private sector participation.”

WAPIC to focus on power industry reform
Says WAPIC programme director Stephanie Roy: “This year’s edition will focus on power industry reform in Nigeria, utility performance for the industrial sector, finding solutions for metering, renewable energy and how to attract private sector investment. Power is at the heart of driving the manufacturing sector in Nigeria and a reformed power industry will create enormous impetus for the country to prosper.”

She continues: “We are honoured to have the Honourable Hajiya Zainab Ibrahim-Kuchi, Minister of State for Power of Nigeria at WAPIC because it illustrates shows the commitment of the Nigerian government to the power sector, particularly as this sector is currently undergoing reform and power assets are changing ownership.”

Nigeria a booming market
According to WAPIC’s Stephanie Roy private investment plays a central role in securing reliable and sustainable power. She adds: “investors should be looking at Nigeria as a booming market with enormous possibilities and WAPIC 2012 offers them the opportunity to meet high-level representatives from government, utilities and the private sector while gaining knowledge about this market in sessions on gas, metering, solutions for large power users, financial performance and renewal energy.”

WAPIC is regarded as the main power industry event in the West African region. The exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive display by 46 companies of engineering technology and services for power, industrial and commercial end users. Global and regional technology giants such as Aiteo, McDonald Live Technology, Mojec, Momas, Genesis and SAP Siemens are sponsors at the event.

Some 50 industry experts from government, utilities and the private sector will share their vision and best-practise experiences, including:
· Reynolds Dagogo-Jack, Chairman, Presidential Task Force on Power, Nigeria
· Bolanle Onagoruwa, Director General, Bureau of Public Enterprise, Nigeria
· Dr Chieck N’Fall Cissoko, Chief of Energy Control Unit & Regulation Section, Ministry of Energy & Water, Guinea
· Engineer Andrew Barfour, Project Coordinator, GEDAP (Ghana Energy Development and Access Project), Ministry of Energy, Ghana
· Mr Rumundakaa Wonodi, CEO, Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading, Nigeria
· Solomon Quay nor, Country Manager, Nigeria, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Nigeria
· Dr Sam Amadi, Chairman, NERC, Nigeria
· Engineer Chidi Ike, Senior Performance Monitor, Distribution, Presidential Task Force on Power (PTFP), Nigeria

Event dates:
19 November: Pre-event workshop
20-21 November: Conference days
22 November: Site visit

Location: Eko Convention Centre, Lagos.
West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC)
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