Paws On Your Heart Announces "Name the New Kitten" Contest

Saskatoon, Canada, November 18, 2012 --( Non-profit feral cat group Paws On Your Heart has announced their latest contest: to name the newest kitten at their sanctuary. The rescue group is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has been helping stray and feral cats in their community for years. They have recently relocated to brand new facilities, and coincidentally have a brand new baby kitten as well, born to one of the sanctuary resident cats, Mama Grey.

This kitten is a female grey tabby, and is described on the sanctuary's website as "cute, cuddly, and a lot of fun." They have posted a video announcing the contest and showing some footage of the kitten playing, which can be viewed on YouTube:

By running this contest, Paws On Your Heart hopes to draw attention to the plight of young kittens who are born homeless out on the streets. They would also like to remind everyone that it is getting very cold out there at this time of year, making baby cats especially vulnerable. Please consider providing warm blankets and/or shelter for mother cats and their kittens in your neighborhood this winter.

To view contest details and enter your submission, please visit the Paws On Your Heart website:
Paws On Your Heart
Niki Rebin