Stelian Ilie: Mira Telecom Finalized a New Security Project

Mira Telecom finalized a new security project, dedicated to rapid intervention in emergency situations, generated by calamities such as floods, fires, blasts, landslides or earthquakes.

Bucharest, Romania, November 19, 2012 --( The Mobile Command and Control Center is a central decision, command and interconnection point, among the resources involved in the mission. Its purpose is to ensure and manage the communication between the local and central authorities, in the disaster area.

The main purpose of the Mobile Command and Control Center is to decrease the operating and intervention time and increase the efficiency of monitoring, identification and notice – warnings and emergency intervention.

C.M.C.C. provides interoperability between local government, ambulance, police, gendarmes, firefighters, civil protection and manages two parallel systems- the communication system, that allows communication among two or more audio speakers and the Single National Emergency Call System 112.

Benefits count mobility, increase of reaction and intervention speed in case of an event, increase of monitoring, identification and information operations efficiency and increase of the individual systems performance to centralized management.

“This delivery is part of a series of projects developed by Mira Telecom in the past two years, through which local authorities from various areas of the country have been equipped with equipment able to provide rapid intervention in disaster areas. Along with the Mobile Command and Control Centers we have also delivered several Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Mobile Labs (C.B.R.N.) and the projects in this area continue at the same pace,” said the President of MIRA TELECOM, Stelian Ilie.

Mira Telecom ( ) – a company with 100% Romanian private capital, founded by Stelian Ilie, President of the group- with 14 years of experience on the Romanian and international market, started its activity in October 1998, with radio-communication equipment distribution. Service diversification has represented the basic principle in the company’s evolution. Mira Telecom provides today complete security, IT and telecom services, backed by an efficient and operative integrated service, which brings added value to the customers’ operations. In the past years the company has invested massively insecurity technology research. The company is about to finish the construction of its own research center which will be equipped with high tech lab equipment and software platforms.
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