Imaginet Works with Oceana Gold Philippines to Provide Satellite Internet access to Kasibu and Barangay Didipio

Imaginet International installed a fully secured V-Sat Satellite Dish, and other network hardware to join 15 existing desktop computers located at the Municipal Hall of Kasibu to the Internet.

Makati, Philippines, November 20, 2012 --( In September of 2011, Imaginet International installed a fully secured V-Sat Satellite Dish, and other network hardware to join 15 existing desktop computers located at the Municipal Hall of Kasibu to the Internet.

V-Sat technology allows remote communities to access the Internet independently of traditional telephone lines or cell towers by linking the site directly to existing Satellites.

Located four hours away from the Oceana Gold Facility at Didipio by road, Kasibu is a rural 3rd class Municipality of slightly over 5,000 households on the mountainous eastern boarder of the province. The new system will allow the Municipality to both communicate more efficiently when conducting its day-to-day business and to take advantage of early warning weather Services and other emergency information when the need arises.

The hardware, comprised of Wi-Fi points, Switches, Firewalls, Conditioned Power Units, the V-SAT Dish and two additional PCs, were provided by Oceana Gold and configured and installed by two Imaginet Engineers over the course of two weeks. The Engineers also installed licenses for Symantec Anti-virus provided by Imaginet for all the PC’s to further secure the new installation.

The team from Imaginet then continued on Barangay Didipio where they installed two new Desktop systems complete with Anti-Virus protection and the various network hardware needed to wirelessly connect that facility to the back-up V-Sat Dish used in cases of emergency by Oceana Gold Philippines Didipio Mining Site. Located literally across the street from the Oceana site, the Barangay houses many of the workers in the informal support businesses that typically emerge at any new site and will grow with the facility as it expands. Currently the community is considered a Barangay (a neighborhood), the smallest and least formal municipal designation in the Philippines. These two initial systems and the wireless link to Oceana’s back-up V-Sat will provide the young community with the same efficiencies enjoyed by Kasibu and more other more formal communities as it matures.

As part of Imaginet’s own continuing Corporate Responsibility Program, Imaginet Engineers provided on-call maintenance and troubleshooting services for both remote sites for the following year. As a locally owned High Tech company I3 is dedicated to improving the lives of all Filipino Citizens. These services were all provided pro bono by the Imaginet team.

About OceanaGold Corporation
OceanaGold Corporation is a significant Asia Pacific gold producer with a portfolio of operating, development and exploration assets. The Company’s assets are located on the South Island of New Zealand, including one of the largest gold mines in the country and in the northern Philippines. OceanaGold acquired the Didipio Project located ~270 kilometres in Luzon Island, northern Philippines through the merger with Climax Mining in November 2006. Construction commenced in June 2011.

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