Removing a Fold-a-Cover Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is Simple and Only Takes a Few Minutes

Steffens Automotive has released a tutorial on how to remove their G4 Elite and LS Series Fold-a-Cover hard folding tonneau covers. Along with this is a short video showing visual cues to the process.

Caledonia, MI, November 21, 2012 --( Steffens Automotive has put together a short tutorial on how to remove their G4 Elite and LS Series Fold-a-Cover from a truck bed quickly and easily. It only takes a few minutes and all of the hardware is left in place so reinstalling the tonneau cover is simple and requires no adjustments.

When the Fold-a-Cover is completely stacked up in the ‘hauling position’ it allows for 75% of the truck bed to be utilized. This is perfect for very tall items, using a fifth wheel, or the use of a gooseneck trailer. The other portion of the truck bed can be accessed by opening the front panel; this will allow the entire bed to be accessible at any time. However if there is a situation where 100% of the truck bed is required all at once, removing the tonneau cover is a quick and easy process.

The first step is to either open the end of the Fold-a-Cover that is closest to the cab of the truck or stack the cover behind the cab in the ‘hauling position’. Either way will allow access to the hinges that are holding the tonneau cover to the truck. Underneath are four bolts (two on each side of the cover), simply remove these four bolts and the cover is now free from the truck bed. Since there is nothing securely attaching the tonneau cover to the truck bed, it needs to be carefully stacked up behind the cab in the ‘hauling position’ if it is not already in this position. Now the cover can be lifted off and stored until it needs to be reinstalled.

Reinstalling is just as easy; since neither the mounting hardware nor rails have been removed there is no realigning necessary. Simply set the cover back in place, replace the four bolts, and the tonneau cover is ready to go. You can see a full list of step-by-step instructions along with diagrams on the Fold-a-Cover blog

Steffens Automotive introduced their flagship product, the Fold-a-Cover, in 1988 making it the auto industry’s first hard folding tonneau cover. They have continued to bring innovative and quality products to the market such as the LS series in 2000 and the G4 Elite Model in 2007 which pairs with the Personal Caddy. 2007 also marked a new product line, the Style Step, a luxury step tube which brought home the 2007 SEMA Best New Product Award in the Truck & SUV category.

All Steffens Automotive products are produced in their state-of-the-art, 100,000 sq./ft., ISO14001 certified environmentally friendly headquarters located in Caledonia, MI. They have supplied 2 of the top 3 U.S. truck manufactures for the past 17 years along with being one of the first 100 companies in the U.S. to be ISO9001/2008 registered.

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