Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger Includes Adapter Kit and Free Shipping at Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC

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Worcester, MA, November 27, 2012 --( Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC announces the Symtech Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger at a low price, which includes an adapter kit and free shipping. There is also no sales tax. Financing is available for this unit.

Features of the ATF1 Transmission Fluid Exchanger include cooler line and dipstick modes of operation, an onboard battery and digital readout. There is no co-mingling of new and used fluids. The Power On/Off switch prevents battery arching hazards. With the level sensor technology, this unit never needs calibration. The fluid measurement is precise, down to the 10th of a quart. It has high output, with controlled drainage at 3 gallons/minute.

This transmission fluid exchanger includes audible and visual prompts and warnings, as well as 32 quart new and used fluid tanks.

It has an external mounted filter for easy maintenance.

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