Prominent Realtor Opens Lynbrooks Real Estate Consultancy in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 26, 2012 --( In a show of confidence in Dubai’s future, leading realty figure, Ghassan Kachouh has established Lynbrooks Real Estate Consulting in Dubai, UAE.

Kachouh, CEO of the new office says Lynbrooks is a vibrant, insightful, professional and competitive addition to Dubai’s real estate industry.

“When clients receive independent and unbiased services in a timely fashion, with in depth market intelligence sourced from extremely accurate data, it’s an enormous advantage for making sound business decisions,” Kachouh says.

“Lynbrooks offers the full range of general and specialist real estate services including valuation and consulting for residential, commercial, hospitality and special purpose properties and expert valuing of detailed mixed-use master plans.”

Kachouh says Lynbrooks, constantly monitors the region’s real estate sector to collect the best possible market intelligence -- even in markets others find not-so-transparent – and uses the data to produce expert real estate sector research reports.

“Our home-grown proprietary valuation and market intelligence systems produce accurate valuations in record time, with detailed unit-by-unit bases and without any sacrifice in quality.”

Kachouh, who spent three decades consulting in New York’s real estate sector, relocated to the Emirates in 2004 to set up and manage the valuations department for pioneering Dubai developers Nakheel. He later became one of the founding members of Nakheel offshoot, Limitless LLC, building and leading an elite, 15-strong team of valuation and market research experts.

Lynbrooks office is located within the Crowne Plaza Office Tower along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Contact: Ghassan Kachouh, CEO
Company: Lynbrooks
Phone: +971 4 311 7175
Web Site:
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