Holiday Sale Supplied by a Small Miracle: Christmas Comes Early to Sabai Technology Customers

Simpsonville, SC, November 23, 2012 --( An Ecommerce company running a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale is nothing special. It certainly is not a newsworthy item. But at Sabai Technology, this year’s After Thanksgiving event is only possible thanks to a small miracle.

“About a month ago, all the sudden, we just couldn’t get the Linksys e4200. Customers were clamoring for it, but the supply just wasn’t there,” says William Haynes, founder of Sabai Technology. “For a while, we thought that they were just gone forever.”

Then, Christmas came early. The Linksys e4200 cropped back up in the supply chain. Not wanting to miss the chance to offer this popular product again, Sabai jumped at the opportunity. Cisco sent the order; Sabai’s biggest ever, via freight from California. But the message from the manufacturer was clear – the supply wouldn’t last.

“Cisco is retiring this model to go to a different chipset, which has plenty of advantages, but it just isn’t compatible with the Sabai VPN firmware, which is the value that Sabai adds,” Haynes explains.

Sabai Technology focuses on the development and distribution of wireless network equipment for use with VPN clients, using router makes such as Linksys and Asus. Its goal is to make powerful VPN Routers and other VPN network technology accessible to the average home or business with extreme ease of use. Sabai Technology’s VPN Routers provide privacy, security, and online freedom of location to consumers world-wide. Haynes explains, “It’s a way for Americans living abroad to have a touch of home with them, wherever they go.”

“We are just so excited to have this model back. And while it isn’t forever, Sabai wanted to share the joy of that small gift this holiday season. We just thought to ourselves, let’s offer the best sales event possible,” says Haynes. In response to this large and sudden supply, Sabai Technology is offering discounts never before seen on this model of VPN Router including $30 off the Sabai 4200 by itself or $60 off a 4200 VPN Accelerator Bundle – a completely new product offering. (Visit

“The 4200 Accelerator Bundle is something people have been asking for. To be able to offer it at the same price as the current, less powerful Bundle, is fantastic. We are so proud,” Haynes comments.

Sabai Technology was founded by William Haynes in 2010. William, a lifelong “computer geek”, started working on computers in 1978 and continues his passion to this day. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA®), a Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA®), and has acquired many sub specialty certifications in the wireless area for Cisco. William began modifying Linksys routers when working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Northern Thailand and used these modified routers to provide internet to the missionary community there.

For more information about Sabai Technology, its products, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, please visit or call (864) 962-4072.
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Anja Smith