Chariot Announces Development, Release of Tamatomo AR Camera Smartphone AR App for Tamagotchi P’s Campaign

Chariot Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based content creation studio, announces the release of an augmented reality (AR) application called Tamatomo AR Camera. Available for iOS and Android devices in Japan, the application will be part of Bandai's promotion campaign for its newest virtual pet, Tamagotchi P's.

Tokyo, Japan, November 24, 2012 --( Chariot Co. Ltd. announced today it has developed and released Tamatomo AR Camera, a smartphone application that uses augmented reality (AR) technology. The free application, which lets customers take photos together with Tamagotchi characters, forms part of Bandai Corporation’s November 23 campaign kickoff for its new virtual pet toy, Tamagotchi P’s.

Tamatomo AR Camera is available in Japan from early November. From November 23 to November 25, under the campaign theme “Tamagotchi Star and The Earth: A Three-Day Connection,” customers with iOS and Android smartphones can visit any of the 2,300 participating toy and retail stores nationwide and experience the fun of augmented reality with Tamagotchi characters. Even after the three-day campaign, customers can continue to enjoy the AR experience at Tamagotchi event corners.

After customers point Tamatomo AR Camera at a special marker-containing poster, animated 3D Tamagotchi characters spring to life on the device’s screen. Every few minutes, a different character appears on screen. Customers can pose beside their favorite Tamagotchi character, snap a photo, and share it with their friends via Facebook or Twitter. Also, with the tap of a button, the display mode can be changed to reveal a Tamagotchi P’s toy, complete with selectable body colors and decorations. Customers can frame themselves or friends within the toy itself, then snap and share photos.

Content in Tamatomo AR Camera can also be previewed at home by going to the Tamagotchi website ( and printing out a marker. Tamatomo AR Camera also contains links to the latest Tamagotchi-related news and information.

The Tamagotchi P’s launch campaign will run from November 23 to 25 and will include a variety of other in-store special events. Visit the Tamagotchi event website ( for more details on the campaign and Tamatomo AR Camera, and to locate the nearest participating store.

About Tamagotchi P’s
The latest in the Tamagotchi series of virtual pets created by Bandai Co. Ltd., the new Tamagotchi P’s toy will go on sale in Japan from November 23. By attaching a “Tama Deco Pierce” cartridge (sold separately) to their Tamagotchi P’s, owners can upgrade the characters, games, and items in the toy.

How to download the application
“Tamatomo AR Camera” can be downloaded from the App Store and on Google Play.

- App Store (For iOS 5.0 or above):

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- Google Play (For Android OS 2.3 or above):

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* Downloading an application is necessary in order to use “Tamatomo AR Camera.”
* The application is free.
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Notices: The toy concept and products of “Tamagotchi P’s” are developed by Bandai Co., Ltd. and WiZ Co., Ltd. jointly. (C) BANDAI, WiZ (C) BANDAI,WiZ/TV TOKYO, 2009TeamTAMAGOTCHITV (C) 2012 NBGI

About Chariot
Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Tokyo, Chariot Corporation develops websites and Facebook-based social games, and provides a range of smartphone and PC-based augmented reality (AR) solutions. Corporate information is available on the company’s website ( and on the company’s Facebook page (
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