B1 Free Archiver v0.7.1 Available - Now Multilingual and More Handy Than Ever

New York, NY, November 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- New version of B1 Free Archiver is now available for download. Seeking to save your time and improve your experience with B1 Free Archiver 0.7.1 developers included numerous new features like drag-and-drop and archive in archive full support and improved user interface design. B1 Free Archiver now speaks many languages and works with greater speed!

What's new in version 0.7.1:

- Localization to most popular languages
- Drag-and-drop for creating archive and extracting files
- Drag-and-drop for copying/moving files
- Full support for archive in archive
- Extract to standard folder (Documents, Music, Video, etc)
- Improvements for password-protected archives
- Improvements for splitted 7z archives
- New selection mode - select several files with keys (shift/ctrl) or mouse
- Multiple ui improvements in dialogs
- Option to switch on/off integration to system menu
- Support for .zipx format
- Locale detection improvement for zip
- System menu in context menu as sub-menu
- Fix for floppy disks
- Hotkeys and accelerator improvements
- Multiple minor bug fixes
- Confirmation for operations with read-only files
- Time estimation improvement
- Launch files like xlsx instead of navigating inside

Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:

"B1 Free Archiver has been significantly improved since its last release. First of all, as a number of our users grows rapidly all around the world we took care of making B1 Free Archiver a multilingual software which is now available in most popular languages. With a help of our users we are constantly increasing a number of available languages. We welcome your help at http://crowdin.net/project/b1-interface.

"New B1 Archiver version also provides full support for archive in archive. This enables you to open archives inside another archive. Let’s say you have a zip file which contains other zip archives and so on. Without B1 file navigation is messy and confusing. Having B1 tool installed you can navigate through archives naturally and smoothly, just like with regular folders.

"Extended drag-and-drop support will be highly valued among those who prefer that manner of manipulating files to any other. By differentiating the ways in which our software may be used we are trying to meet the needs of every customer. While someone prefers using context menu, you may find it more comfortable to copy or move files with a single click.

"I am also very grateful to our users who send us valuable feedback and comments as for possible improvements. Taking into consideration all the information received we introduced multiple ui improvements and fixed several minor bugs. So feel free to send what you think to support@b1.org."

About B1:
Launched in 2011, B1 Free Archiver remains the most friendly and simple software to open and create archives. B1 supports most common formats as well as its own (.b1, .zip, .rar, .7z), and works on all popular platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. B1 Free Archiver is 100% free for both personal and commercial use.
Andrew Jenkins